Can you do shush celebration in EA Sports FC 24?

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EA Sports FC 24 shush celebration
Credit: EA Sports
September 7, 2023: Want to know about the EA Sports FC 24 shush celebration? Find out whether you can do it in our guide containing all the latest intel.

Scoring a goal in EA Sports FC 24 is always worth celebrating. Whether it's straight into the top corner or a simple touch in front of the net, there's a wide variety of celebrations to use and players are asking the same question: Can you do the shush celebration?

In previous years, the shush celebration remains one of the more infuriating celebrations to perform during an Ultimate Team match but when it comes to silencing the doubters, there aren't many better than the shush celebration.

Before we reveal if the shush celebration can be performed in EA Sports FC 24, check out our other guides showcasing how to get FC Founder status and the UCL Heroes making their way to the game.

Is the shush celebration in EA Sports FC 24?

Although there are several trailers showcasing Vinicius Jr performing the shush celebration, EA Sports hasn't confirmed the celebration will be available to use.

Of course, there's still plenty of time before the game releases for EA to share information on the list of available celebrations. For now, the presence of the shush celebration remains a mystery.

As soon as we find out whether there's an option to use the shush celebration, we'll update the guide with everything you need to know.

Son Heung-Min performing celebration with teammates in background
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Credit: EA Sports

How to celebrate in EA Sports FC 24

The process of celebrating a goal in EA Sports FC 24 is an incredibly straightforward process.


Shortly after scoring a goal, press a specific button combination while controlling the player to perform anything ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo's iconic "SIU" near the corner flag or the Griddy which some may find equally as frustrating as the shush celebration.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the shush celebration appearing in EA Sports FC 24. For more footballing intel, take a look at our guides showcasing the Icons and details on the Nike promo.

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