How to build a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

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A settlement brimming with bedrooms in Dwarf Fortress.

Constructing rooms and buildings is one of the most important parts of Dwarf Fortress. You should start building even at the beginning stages of the game to properly develop in the game. The bedroom in Dwarf Fortress is one of the primary rooms you can build in this game.

Read this guide, and you will find out how to build a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress. There will be a building guide and other important tips that will help you. Let’s start!


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How to build a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

Undoubtedly, the soft bed is the most important part of any bedroom. In Dwarf Fortress, you should start building the bedroom by building a bed. The simplest way to obtain the bed is to craft it in a carpenter’s workshop. Fortunately, the bed is one of the most accessible items in the game. So, crafting it is a piece of cake, even if you are a beginner.

Once you have crafted the bed, use the B button to open the building menu. Click the B button to select the bed and place it wherever you want. Bedrooms are not the first priority in Dwarf Fortress. So, you can build them in remote, calm areas, even if they are located far away from the necessities.


While placing the first bed, you will be suggested to choose the material for building a bedroom. Make sure to choose the most accessible wood using the arrow buttons, press Enter, and wait until the dwarf constructs a bedroom for you. The process won't take more than a few minutes.

A save in progress in Dwarf Fortress.

How to assign a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress

Just building a bed doesn’t mean that dwarves can sleep here. You need to left-click on the bed and select the option Make Bedroom. Also, you can use the R button to assign the Bedroom. A special grid will appear, and you will be able to change the size of your bedroom using the = or - keys. After that, you should press Enter to finish designating the Bedroom.


In most cases, dwarves will automatically claim the most suitable bedroom for them. But if they haven’t done it or you want to do it manually, feel free to press the A key. Doing it opens the special list with all dwarves available to assign. Remember that a single bed can only be owned by one dwarf.

Can you add furniture to bedrooms in Dwarf Fortress?

If you want to make a bedroom more exciting, you can add additional furniture to the room. High-quality furniture will positively affect dwarves’ happiness, making them more productive. Also, such items as cabinets and coffers provide dwarves with free space to collect their personal stuff.

That’s it with building a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress. Even if you are at the beginning stages of the game, try to use additional furniture for your bedroom, making it more suitable for your dwarves. While you're still here, make sure to check our guide on how to get, farm, and get rid of water in Dwarf Fortress. We've also got a beginner's guide if you're just getting started!