How Long is Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance?

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is out at long last, a co-op dungeon-crawler set in the D&D universe in which players can hunt for treasure with friends. But how long is Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance? We’ll lay out the game's campaign length here.

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How Long is Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance?

We found that Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance’ campaign will last roughly 15-20 hours, depending on how difficult you find it and how much trouble you have. However, that’s only for a single playthrough of the campaign, and does not include playthroughs with other characters. Doing the entire game with with all four classes available to you could last up to 80 hours of gameplay, if you’re so inclined.

Does Dark Alliance have Post-Campaign/Endgame Content?

Yes, Dark Alliance does have post-campaign and endgame content, in the form of Challenge Levels, extra high difficulty options that allow players earn the most powerful gear in the game. This gameplay can last indefinitely if you wish it to, similar to the post-campaign endgame content in games like Destiny 2, though of course not everybody will play for quite so long.

It’s also worth mentioning that Dark Alliance will have free DLC at a later point in the summer, though as of yet there isn’t a firm date for those. Alternatively, if you want to find out the best class and character in the game, click here!

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