Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance: How to Beat Final Boss Icewind

The final boss of Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance is the powerful white dragon Icewind, a frost-using boss who will need all your skill and experience to beat. We’ve laid out how to beat the final boss Icewind the White Dragon here, with tips and strategy on how to take down this powerful enemy.

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How to Beat Final Boss Icewind in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance

To beat the final boss, Icewind, in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance, players will need to know how to confront this behemoth. The White Dragon is a huge foe who can tank the worst hits pretty easily, so get ready to handle a long-term fight with a range of damaging attacks. You won’t do this quickly unless you’re on the lowest difficulty.

Tips and Strategy

  • Icewind tends to stand in the centre of the arena and turn to face whoever’s closest.
  • Her head is the real threat - a single bite can potentially take out all your health, depending on your stats, and she bites incredibly fast. Dodge to the side the moment you see her pull back, you won’t get much warning.
  • Icewind also has a frost breath attack that does a lot of damage. When she jumps up off her front claws, the entire area in front of her is about to be dangerous as she rapidly sweeps it back and forward. You can dodge underneath it, but it takes very careful timing.
  • For these reasons, you want to circle around her and stay on her flank. At this point the AI doesn’t seem to have many solutions to that. She does have a backwards leg kick, but it only seems to trigger if you’re right behind her.
  • When Icewind flies up and creates a blizzard, she’ll start firing projectiles from her jaws. Keep moving to stay ahead of them.
  • If she’s floating above the battlefield, head to one of the marked ballistas and interact with it to damage her and knock her out of the air. Standard character projectiles won’t hit her, you need to use the ballistas. There’ll be some goblins defending them, so take them out quickly. You actually can’t interact with the ballista until the goblins are dead, so you need to beat them fast while dodging her icy blasts.
  • Later on goblins will start spawning in the main arena. They’re slow enough that you don’t need to worry about them unless they get close; then try and catch them in the same attacks you’re hitting Icewind with.
  • Once hit with a ballista, Icewind will fall down, then fly off while more goblins spawn in. She’ll soar overhead and do a high-damage arc of frost behind in a line. Avoid it at all costs! Nothing the goblins can do is worse than that attack.
Icewind Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance
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Once you finally wear her down, don’t worry - the mission is instantly over and you’ll get the rewards accordingly. You’ll also have completed the game’s campaign, so congratulations for that!

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