When is DMZ Building 21 returning?

DMZ player taking cover near concrete block
Credit: Activision

DMZ player taking cover near concrete block
Credit: Activision
January 3, 2023: Building 21 has shut its doors for the time being. Scroll down to find out when you can access the area next.

Following the Season One Reloaded update, Warzone 2 players have had their first chance to see what the mysterious Building 21 has to offer. With a variety of Building 21 rewards up for grabs, players are searching for the DMZ Building 21 return date.

Shortly after its inaugural opening, the doors locked much to the curiosity of those trying to extract the weapon cases hidden inside. Described as a high-risk, high-reward area, the building contains plenty of high-tier loot in addition to heavily armoured AI and human opposition. Following the December 19 update, nobody is able to access the brand-new area.

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DMZ Building 21 return date

Thanks to a handy countdown timer next to the DMZ map selector, Building 21 will return on January 6 at 5AM GMT / 9PM PT. Thankfully, there's only a few days to wait before you can enter the zone once more.

Considering you need some access cards in order to enter Building 21, the downtime gives you the perfect opportunity to enter Al Mazrah and search for more. They appear when you complete a mission and if you're lucky, you might find one in one of several supply boxes dotted around the map.

DMZ players walking through forest
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Credit: Activision

Why can't I access DMZ Building 21?

The team at Infinity Ward hasn't shared any reasons why Building 21 is locked. But, it states that "our window to strike is limited," suggesting the building is only open for short periods of time. Another theory doing the rounds involves a bug where the access cards of some fortunate players weren't disappearing. This means they were able to access Building 21 as many times as they wanted.

The developer of DMZ never mentioned the specifics behind the closure of Building 21 and with it opening up shortly, there's a chance we'll never find out why.

Is it worth entering DMZ Building 21?

If you want to earn some exclusive rewards, entering Building 21 is definitely worth your time. Alongside the weapon cases, you can get your hands on the Chimera assault rifle and plenty of high-value items you can sell.

Where is DMZ Building 21?

Building 21 isn't within the confines of Al Mazrah. Instead, it's an entirely new area that could reveal more information about future DMZ maps. There are no signs of any new DMZ maps appearing anytime soon but there's plenty of potential for new areas to arrive.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the DMZ Building 21 return date so far. Be sure you check back regularly to find out when the area opens its doors.

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