All Beast racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

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Beast stood in front of a kart in Disney Speedstorm.

Here are all the Beast racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm! This new racing game starring your favourite Disney characters is here, and you can even play as the rugged hero from Beauty and the Beast.

In this guide, we'll break down all the racing suits and kart liveries currently available for Beast in Disney Speedstorm. We're expecting even more down the line, so trap in and start collecting these cosmetics for your favourite characters!

All Beast racing suits in Disney Speedstorm

At launch, there are five suits available for the Beast. These are as follows:

  • Default
  • Inventor's Imagination
  • Crimson Prince
  • Founding Member
  • Winter Time

These are mostly premium suits, within the Epic and Rare variants. Therefore, you'll need to save up your tokens and head to the Store to purchase most of them.

The only one that will be tricky to get is the Founding Member suit, because you can only get it by purchasing the premium Founder's Pack version of the game. If you do so, this suit will be included for each and every racer in the roster!

All Beast kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm

On top of that, Beast has various kart liveries to switch between in Disney Speedstorm. Note that these are all the same in-game, with no stat boosts or differences, aside from sheer aesthetics. All Beast kart liveries so far are as follows:

  • Somber Black
  • Regal Blue
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Burgundy Red
  • Porcelain White
  • Candelit Gold
  • Prorose Founder's Edition
  • Prorose Chassé
  • Prorose Diamond Edition

That's it for our look at all Beast racing suits and kart liveries in Disney Speedstorm. For more on the game, read up on how to drift, how to earn Golden Pass credits, and all characters in the game.

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