Dinkum - How To Plant Seeds

Image of a character using a watering can in Dinkum.

Image of a character using a watering can in Dinkum.

Looking to plant seeds in Dinkum? The new farming game has fast become one of the biggest hits on Steam, but players are still getting to grips with the basics. That's why we're here to help, with some details on how to plant seeds and grow crops.

In this Dinkum guide, we'll explain how you plant seeds. You'll be glad to learn that it's quite an easy process, though it does require a few licenses and tools that you'll need to have unlocked already.

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How Do I Plant Seeds In Dinkum?

Planting seeds in Dinkum is luckily a fairly easy practice in theory, though you'll need to have already made some decent progress in the game. That's because you need to have the Excavation License before you can even go about purchasing a shovel.

The best way to go about earning your Excavation License is completing the daily quests and objectives that will frequently crop up on your dashboard. Doing so earns you Permit Points, which can be spent on any of the various licenses within the game. You can also earn Permit Points by surpassing various accolades, with notifications on your progress popping up as you play.

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Once you have 500 Permit Points, head to Fletch and purchase your Excavation License. You'll now need to find the NPC called John, who will sell you a shovel for 900 Dinks.

After that, planting seeds in Dinkum is fairly easy. Simply equip your shovel, head to a patch of dirt, and click the left mouse button. This will dig a small hole into the ground, in which you then need to equip a seed or fruit and toss it into the hole by pressing Q. Equip your shovel again and click the mouse to bury the seed.

Over the next few in-game days, make sure to water your fledgling seed using the watering can to ensure it grows as planned. Once it starts bursting out of the ground, your plant will be ready to harvest! From there you can take your newly-grown crops and add them to your inventory, either to sell or use for yourself.

That's it for our look at how to plant seeds in Dinkum! It's a mercifully easy process, so you won't struggle at all to start up your own farming empire. Once you're done, feel free to check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to see which cookies reign supreme in the hit gacha game. That will keep you busy for even longer.

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