How to use Necromancer's Book of the Dead in Diablo 4

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Female necromancer in Diablo 4.
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The Necromancer in Diablo 4 is one of the most popular classes in the game. The ability to raise the dead to assist you in your adventure through Sanctuary is something that brings assist and AoE damage fun. Now, however, things get a push thanks to Necromancer's Book of the Dead in Diablo 4.

This book will not only set which undead units you will be able to summon, but also customise and upgrade every type of unit. There are a total of nine different units you will be able to summon as a Necromancer, each of them upgradeable.

So, if you wish to optimise your undead strategies, continue reading to learn how to use the Book of the Dead in Diablo 4.

How to use Necromancer's Book of the Dead in Diablo 4

Necromancer's abilities menu in Diablo 4.
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Manage the undead.

Summoning your minions in Diablo 4 is now a very customisable and arguably more powerful experience. You will unlock the Book of the Dead by leveling up your Necromancer to level five. This Book will allow you to set the behaviour of your minions, how they are summoned, and which minions are summoned.

There are three different minions you can summon with the Book of the Dead: Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, and Golems. Each of these units has three variants, which will allow you to further customise your build and playstyle. Each of these variants will allow you to prioritize damage or defense. You can even use them as bait to distract your enemies and defeat them personally.

Not only that, but if you wish to do so, you can also play as a non-summoning Necromancer by setting your minions to Sacrifice. This will in turn bring several buffs to the Necromancer, increasing its survivability, defence, and damage output.

You will be able to customise, upgrade, and select your summons by bringing the Book of the Dead pages and continue to unlock its units by leveling up your Necromancer. Now, we will take a look at the Book of the Dead summon list.

Book of the Dead summon list

Like said before, there are three unit types you can summon in Diablo 4: Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and Golems. Each of them has three variants, which will also have specific perks and unique sacrifice bonuses. Here is the complete Book of the Dead summon list.

Skeletal Warriors

  • Skeletal Warriors - Skirmisher: Skeletons with increased damage but limited life.
    • Perk 1: an additional Skirmisher will be raised.
    • Perk 2: with every critical damage, the Skirmishers will deal a bonus 50% critical damage bonus which will happen every three seconds.
    • Sacrifice: critical rate 5% bonus.
  • Skeletal Warriors - Defenders: Skeletons with increased life.
    • Perk 1: Defenders will negate direct damage every 6 seconds.
    • Perk 2: Thorns received by the Defenders increased to 40%.
    • Sacrifice: non-physical resistance increased by 15%.
  • Skeletal Warriors - Reapers: Skeletons with a special attack that deals extra damage.
    • Perk 1: wind up attack's cooldown reduced by 2 seconds when attacking Imobilized, Slowed, Stunned or Vulnerable enemies.
    • Perk 2: 15% chance to create corpses out of the enemy forces.
    • Sacrifice: deal Shadow Damage with a 10% boost.

Skeletal Mages

  • Skeletal Mages - Shadow: Mages that deal shadow damage.
    • Perk 1: 10% chance to stun an enemy for 2 seconds. Cannot stun the same enemy more than once every 5 seconds.
    • Perk 2: for every 5th attack, Shadow Mages fire an additional Shadow Bolt.
    • Sacrifice: maximum essence increased by 15%.
  • ‍Skeletal Mages - Cold: Mages that deal chilling damage and freeze their targets.
    • Perk 1: the Necromancer gains 2 Essence every time the Cold Mage deals damage.
    • Perk 2: enemies that are Frozen or damaged while Frozen will become Vulnerable for 4 seconds.
    • Sacrifice: 15% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
  • Skeletal Mages - Bone: Mages that use their own bodies as projectiles.
    • Perk 1: Life cost for Bone Mages' attacks reduced to 10%. Bone Mages will have a 40% increased damage after being alive for 5 seconds.
    • Perk 2: when a Bone Mage dies by its own attack, it will leave a corpse and Fortify your base life by 11%.
    • Sacrifice: overpower damage increased by 40%.


  • ‍Golems - Bone: Golem that will taunt the enemy and distract them.
    • Perk 1: when the Bone Golem receives a total of 20% of its Maximum Life, it will shed a corpse.
    • Perk 2: the Bone Golem gains 10% Maximum Life and inherits 50% of Thorns.
    • Sacrifice: 10% increased Attack Speed.
  • ‍Golems - Blood: Golem that will drain life from its enemies to heal itself.
    • Perk 1: the Blood Golem absorbs 15% of your damage income.
    • Perk 2: if Healthy, the Blood Golem gains 25% more Damage Reduction and 50% increased damage.
    • Sacrifice: Maximum Life increased by 10%.
  • ‍Golems - Iron: Golems that slam the ground and stun enemies.
    • Perk 1: every 5th Golem shockwave attack, the Iron Golem will deal damage to the enemies.
    • Perk 2: the Golem's shockwave attack makes enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
    • Sacrifice: 30% increased Critical Strike Damage.

Be sure to customise your Necromancer's Book of the Dead in Diablo 4 to create the best Necromancer build you can and one that will fit your playstyle. Be sure to follow our Necromancer class guide and also check out our Diablo 4 review.

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