How to get a horse in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 horse facing over a cliff

The map size of Diablo 4 is significantly larger than its predecessor games in the series, so you may be wondering how to get a horse in Diablo 4. Due to the sheer size of the world, the systematic exploration in the game relies on an efficient means of traversal.

In this guide, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the game's horses. Regardless of your ability to fast travel among the in-game regions with the help of Waypoints, a mount is still required to travel from point A to point B while doing quests and exploration. However, unlocking a basic mount horse isn’t simple, and requires you to complete a certain quest by progressing through the story.

How to get a horse in Diablo 4

The first thing you need to do is complete the tutorial area of the game and proceed to the first major city, called Kyovashad. Once you’re there, you can access stables. Stables are found in almost every major city of the game, and they act as your main hub for obtaining and customising your mount.

Upon reaching Kyovashad, you can speak to the stable master Oskar to unlock the Stables. Afterwards, you will get a quest titled “Mount: Donan’s Favor”. You need to complete this quest before you’re able to actually obtain a basic horse and use it as your mount. However, completing this quest can be tricky.

Horse in Diablo 4
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How to complete the Mount: Donans Favor quest

Even when you unlock the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” quest, you can’t complete it until you progress through the story. This is why players weren’t able to access the horse in the beta version of Diablo 4. However, once you finish Act 3 of the campaign, you can complete the quest and then talk to the stable master Oskar again. He will give you your first horse for free of cost.


Keep in mind that the horse given by Oskar is the most basic mount in the game. You can purchase two more mounts at the stable, costing you 20,000 gold each. Moreover, as you reach more cities, you can access more Stables, allowing you to buy and customise even stronger horses.

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