Destiny 2 Photo Finish RGB shader - How to get

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photo finish rgb shader
Credit: capcom

Destiny 2 offers plenty of customization tools for players to tinker with. Shaders are often highly valuable since they apply unique color schemes to gear, with the Photo Finisher being one of the most sought-after.

While the name might not imply it, the Photo Finish shader in Destiny 2 has a slick RGB feature that can appear in certain pieces of gear.

Previously, shaders were a one-time consumable, so you had to really pick and choose which ones to apply to your favorite gear. If we go even further back in the past, shaders in the first Destiny game had to be applied to your entire outfit and couldn't be used on individual pieces of armor.

Fortunately for everyone, all of that is now in the past. So if you buy a shader, you'll get to keep it for good and apply it on all the gear you want individually.

But, how do you get the elusive Photo Finish shader in Destiny 2?

Photo Finish shader in Destiny 2 - Where to buy RGB shader

Like other shaders, getting it can be a hassle, and in this particular case, it's all about timing. Unlike other highly sought-after cosmetics, you won't need to grind for it on special seasonal events or other modes.

Sadly, that means you'll have to wait until Bungie decides to bring back the Photo Finish RGB shader to the Eververse store in Destiny 2.

The Eververse store has a weekly rotator of cosmetics that can be bought with Bright Dust. This currency can be acquired in-game by completing certain bounties and seasonal challenges, making an option that can net you completely free rewards, unlike Silver, which is used to buy most premium cosmetics and things like the Destiny 2 Season Pass.

The Photo Finish RGB shader first came into the Eververse store during Season of the Risen when The Witch Queen released in 2022. It was last seen this past March, it had a cost of 300 Bright Dust.

We don't have a timeframe for when Bungie decides to add it back into the game, rest assured once it happens we'll be updating this article accordingly so you don't miss out.

Fair warning, don't expect it to anytime soon as you could be waiting weeks and even months to get it. If it's any consolation, according to, around 30% of the total player base doesn't have the shader, so you're definitely not alone.


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