Dead Island 2 workbench locations - Where to find and how to use

Screenshot showing workbench in Dead Island 2
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Screenshot showing workbench in Dead Island 2
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 21, 2023: Struggling to find a workbench? Find out where to find them and how to use them in this handy guide.

Knowing the Dead Island 2 workbench locations comes in handy during your time in Hell-A. Dead Island 2 contains a huge range of weaponry capable of dealing incredible damage against any undead opposition you come across while exploring the area.

Just like the first Dead Island game, your weapons don't last forever. Depending on their rarity, they'll eventually break leaving you unable to use them in your fight against nearby zombies. Thankfully, there are workbenches where you can repair your arsenal before heading back out into the action.

But, before we take a closer look at the Dead Island 2 workbench locations, check out our other guides showcasing the system requirements and the gun list highlighting all of the available firearms.

Where to find Dead Island 2 workbenches

Searching for a workbench when you desperately need to repair your weapons can prove stressful if you don't know where to look. After frantically sprinting around Hell-A in the dead of night to repair our weapons, we've found that workbench hunting is much easier than we first thought.

Your head-up display (HUD) displays the location you're travelling in alongside a variety of locations relating to various icons. One of them is a small hammer and wrench crossed over. This signals a workbench is nearby. Simply head towards it and you'll come across a bench.

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 player holding gun
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

How to use Dead Island 2 workbenches

Once you've found a workbench to use and collected the mod blueprint that usually sits on it, all you need to do is interact with it. Now you're into the menus, it's time to repair your weapons.

Select any weapon that needs some fine-tuning then hold the repair button to revive your weapon of choice back to its former glory. Alongside repairing weapons, you can add mods that increase damage and apply numerous elemental bonuses. Want to set fire to a walker using a mace? Make sure you've got enough materials to add the mods.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about Dead Island 2 workbenches. For more zombie-slaying intel, take a look at our guides revealing how to level up fast and the best slayer to choose.

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