Where to find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Kelli Jo's Suitcase Key
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Dead Island 2 Kelli Jo's Suitcase Key
Credit: Dambuster Studios
April 24. 2023: Searching for Kelli Jo's suitcase in Dead Island 2? Find its location and rewards in our guide.

If you've happened upon a blue suitcase on your Dead Island 2 expedition, you may struggle to bust it open. It's Kelli Jo’s Suitcase, and you'll need to head to Kelli Jo's suitcase key location to rummage through it So where is it? Read on, dear zombie slayer. You're off on a trip to the movies.

Dead Island 2 is a zombie shooter game that contains its fair share of boxes, hideaways, and trunks filled with unique weapons that are great at lopping off zombie heads. However, these boxes can only be opened with the help of keys. But they're rarely easy to find.

Dead Island 2 Kelli Jo’s Suitcase location

To find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase, head over to the area between buildings five and six on the Monarch Studios map. There, you'll find a trailer with a blue suitcase propped up against the bathroom vanity unit. But it's locked.

Kelli Jo's Suitcase Dead Island 2
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How do you Find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key?

The key to Kelli Jo’s suitcase is not that difficult to find. In Dead Island 2, navigation isn't too hard thanks to the map, so you won’t have too much of a problem once you know where you're going.

Once you know where the suitcase is, you need the key in order to access its contents. You'll find Kelli Jo’s Suitcase Key in Monarch Studios. After you reach the area, head over to the area between building three and the outdoor stage.

Kelli Jo Dead Island 2
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To grab it, though, you'll need to kill Kelli Jo Longeteig herself - a screamer zombie. If you’re having trouble finding her, the image below displays exactly what she looks like and the location she, and thus the key, are present. Finish her off and she'll drop the key you're looking for.

Once you acquire the key, return to the location of Kelli Jo’s Suitcase. Remember: It's in a trailer between buildings five and six in the same area. Inside is the Agile Officer’s sword.

While you're here, also have guides that can direct you to the Burger 66 locker key and Brock’s safe key. Other than this, we can also help you find the family garage safe key and Rose’s storage box key in Dead Island 2.

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