Where to find Burger 66 locker key in Dead Island 2

A quiet alleyway in Dead Island 2.

A quiet alleyway in Dead Island 2.
April 24, 2023: Looking to get your kicks with the Burger 66 locker key? Find its location and the rewards in our guide.

While exploring the deadly world of Dead Island 2, you will have to find various keys to unlock containers and one of them is Burger 66 locker key. As the name suggests, the key is used to unlock Burger 66 locker, which contains a brand-new weapon.

However, the key can only be found at a certain location, which is why many players are struggling to locate it in the game. So if you're interested in finding where you can get Burger 66 key, then keep reading this Dead Island 2 guide.

Where is the Burger 66 key location in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 players can find the Burger 66 key with a zombie named the Burger 66 Server, who can be found past the police station on Venice Beach. Start by following the directions toward the beach below the police station on the map, and keep an eye out for a fountain.

Burger 66 server enemy in Dead Island 2
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Once you reach the site, you'll encounter the formidable Burger 66 Server enemy. At this point, make sure to approach with caution, and only engage if you are at a similar level. This is one of the many named zombies in Dead Island 2, but you'll have to defeat it to get the key and unlock some exclusive items. So prepare your best strategy and dive into combat!

The Burger 66 Locker key in Dead Island 2
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If you manage to defeat your opponent, you will earn the Dead Island 2 Burger 66 Stack Locker key. All you need to do to collect it is hit the action button, and then it'll be in your inventory. This is your ticket to unlocking a powerful new weapon.

Dead Island 2 Burger 66 locker
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With the key in hand, make your way back to Burger 66 restaurant, left of The Blue Crab, to claim your reward and gain the upper hand against the hordes of zombies that await.

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