Dead Island 2 ending explained - What does it mean?

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 zombie wearing hoodie
Credit: Dambuster Studios

Screenshot showing Dead Island 2 zombie wearing hoodie
Credit: Dambuster Studios

The Dead Island 2 ending leaves plenty of questions unanswered. After making it through the streets of Hell-A with the hope of a way out, the conclusion of Dead Island 2 may have left you a little confused.

After slaying all kinds of zombie types and completing a vast mission list with countless objectives to work through, the ending to Dambuster Studios' sequel to 2011's Dead Island is one that's piquing the curiosity of fans that have already finished the main storyline.

Before we take a closer look at what the Dead Island 2 ending means, check out our other guides showcasing the best Slayer and how to mod weapons to give them more damage.

Dead Island 2 ending explained

Before we get stuck into the ending, it's worth noting that we'll be talking about major spoilers so if you haven't finished the game, it's best to take a look at our Dead Island 2 page for a look at the rest of the game. With that out the way, here's an explanation as to why the game ended in the way it did.

Why didn't you escape?

The whole objective of Dead Island 2 revolves around escaping Los Angeles in a bid to get to safety. Despite having access to a helicopter, you decide not to escape in order to search for Tisha, the daughter of Dr Reed who revealed he had created her as a cure to the virus that gripped LA.

Dead Island 2's final cutscene sees you fending off a huge crowd of undead opposition before you carry on exploring the area. The lack of escape also points towards a potentially exciting prospect.

Dead Island 2 Jacob slayer
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Credit: Dambuster Studios

What happens to the others?

It's not just you aboard the chopper. After deciding to use the only cure to the virus on Sam B, he, Patton, and Emma Jaunt all fly off into the sunset. With you still on the ground fighting zombies, we don't know where they're jetting off to or if they plan on turning round.

Will there be a Dead Island 3?

Considering you're still in LA looking for Tisha, the door is certainly open for a sequel to the Dead Island 2 story. It's currently unclear if there are plans for a sequel but thanks to the Dead Island 2 ending, the opportunity is there.

It'd be great for Dambuster Studios to complete the trilogy, especially after the huge wait between the first and second games. Strike while the iron is hot and we may see Dead Island 3 sooner rather than later.

There you have it, that's the Dead Island 2 ending explained. For more zombie-slaying intel, check out our guides showcasing all of the side quests and how to heal.

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