Where to find the Cable Guy's van key in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Cable Guy's Van Key

Dead Island 2 Cable Guy's Van Key
April 25, 2023: On the hunt for the Cable Guy's van key? Find its location and what it opens in our guide.

If you are not afraid of fighting electro-zombies, then you should learn where to find the Cable Guy’s van key in Dead Island 2. This item will help you open a secret chest with a powerful weapon.

If you want to get the Cable Guy’s van key in Dead Island 2, you will need to follow a certain procedure and defeat a special zombie. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult, so we'll explain to you how to find the Cable Guy.

Where to Find the Cable Guy’s van key in Dead Island 2?

The Cable Guy’s van key is an item that allows you to open the trunk of this car and get a special weapon. The Cable Guy’s van can be found in front of the Goat Pen mansion in Bel-Air. But, you can’t open it until you finish a certain quest.

At some point, you will get a quest to visit the Halperin Hotel. After you complete it, you will need to return to the Cable Van in Bel-Air at night. You can see what this car looks like in this picture:

Dead Island 2 car
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Use fast travel or simply wait for the right time of day, and the Cable Guy will be spawned near his own van. This zombie is quite tough, as he constantly strikes you with electricity and is resistant to this damage type. Here is the picture of this mini-boss:

Dead Island 2 The Cable Guy
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Upon defeat, the Cable Guy will drop you the key that you can use to open the Cable van trunk.

What’s in the Cable van trunk in Dead Island 2?

By using the Cable Guy’s van key, you can open the trunk of this car and get the Electro Tyre Iron. This weapon is quite powerful and you will definitely find it useful during the zombie apocalypse.

The Cable Guy is a tough opponent and we recommend that you be careful, especially if you want to fight this zombie in melee. Stay sharp and don’t let this mini-boss kill you with a random electric discharge!

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