Best Cleric build in Dark and Darker

An image of a Cleric in Dark and Darker.

An image of a Cleric in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker has gained steady recognition and popularity lately as a multiplayer fantasy dungeon crawler and battle royale game. While it's still in its early access, players are enjoying each of the roleplaying classes they can use in-game. One of these is the Cleric and we've provided a guide below on a Dark and Darker best Cleric build for your reference.

Clerics are supporter classes, however, they are as important as the Barbarians, Fighters, Rogues, and other classes in-game. They can deal some serious damage with their spells and weapons.

Dark and Darker best Cleric build

An in-game screenshot of the Cleric in Dark and Darker.
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Before getting into the builds of Clerics, you must first know what they have to offer for players in-game. They are devoted followers of a powerful deity, using their faith and divine magic to aid their allies and smite their enemies. Moreover, Clerics can heal wounds and cleanse curses which can help you and your companions in a pinch. Additionally, they can also channel their deity's damage to attack the undead and other enemies. They're even tanked enough with heavy armour making them both formidable in magic and weaponry.

It's crucial to make a proper build for a Cleric since this depends on whether you play as a Cleric solo or within a group. You may have to adjust your build according to if you want to support your teammates or you want to manage on your own. Here are some recommended skills, perks, weapons, and armour to help you out.

Best Cleric build for solo players

When playing solo in-game, you're able to prioritise and maximise your attack abilities as a Cleric more than your support abilities. You won't even have to think much about healing teammates are you can heal yourself. We've gathered some of the best builds for solo Cleric players here:


  • Spell Memory - The Spell Memory allows you to use spells within dungeons.
  • Holy Purification - This is an AoE ability that can deal 100 magic damage to all undead enemy monsters within a 7.5 meter radius. This is quite helpful if you're alone battling several undead.


  • Protection - This creates a shield for you that blocks 20 physical damage against enemies for 20 seconds.
  • Lesser Heal - You can cast this heal on yourself which gains you 15 HP.
  • Divine Strike - As a solo player, this proves useful, making you more powerful against enemies with an increased 10 damage for 20 seconds.
  • Bless - With Bless, upon casting it on yourself will gain you +3 to your Strength, Agility, and Will attributes for 30 seconds.


  • Blunt Weapon Mastery - Your physical attack power increases by 5 percent when attacking using a blunt weapon.
  • Perseverance - This reduces all types of incoming damage by 3.
  • Undead Slaying - Here, you can increase your physical damage bonus by 20 percent when slaying undead monsters.
  • Advanced Healer - Your base magical heal is increased by 5.
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Best Cleric build for team players


  • Spell Memory - Like earlier, the Spell Memory allows you to use spells in dungeons.
  • Judgement - After focusing for 0.5 seconds, you can deal 35 magic damage to a target and reduce their movement speed bonus by 20 percent for two seconds. This gives enough time for your teammates to counter and defeat enemies.


  • Sanctuary - This spell concentrates on a specific area, healing allies and friendly beings within it by 5 per second. At the same time, you deal 14 spell damage to the undead per second.
  • Resurrection - To be used when in a tight spot, you can target allies and resurrect them from the dead. However, the corpse must have a soul heart.
  • Protection - This creates a shield for you that can block 20 physical damage for 20 seconds.
  • Divine Strike - While for Divine Strike, your weapon damage increases by 10 for 20 seconds.


  • Advanced Healer - Your overall base magical heal is increased by 5.
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery - Here, your physical attack power is increased by 5 percent when attacking with a blunt weapon.
  • Requiem - When you resurrect an ally, they are revived with 50 percent HP instead of a sliver of life. While when you revive an ally at the Altar of Sacrifice, you won't have to sacrifice your own health.
  • Kindness - When you heal other targets, you also get healed by 15 percent.

Overall, those are our recommendations for the best Cleric build in Dark and Darker. While you're still here, you can check out our other guides such as Dark and Darker crossplay and how to beat the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker.

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