Shinra Mansion safe code - How to open the safe in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

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The Shinra Mansion safe in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

Can't figure out that pesky Shinra Mansion safe code? Once you've made your way to Nibelheim in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you might take it upon yourself to explore a little. And when you come across the manor, you'll probably head in there far sooner than the story tells you to.

If you want to bust the second-floor safe open, you'll need to figure out the safe combination. It won't let just anybody in. The code isn't written down a piece of paper, either, and with it being different for everyone, you won't be able to just ask a friend. Instead, you'll need to know how to get your own code. Here's how.


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Shinra Mansion safe code - How to open the safe in Crisis Core

The Shinra Mansion safe code is a four-digit string diff. It's different for everyone. Unless you're incredibly lucky, the code a friend uses won't work to open the safe in your game. Here's how to work it out.

Getting the Shinra Mansion safe code means peering through four locked doors in the mansion. You need to move the camera around and count objects in each to work it out. But even then, you need to enter them in the correct order.

Looking through the keyhole of a door in Shinra Mansion.

Run around the mansion and interact with each door. If you're given the option to look through the keyhole, do so and take note of what you see.

There are four keyhole doors with a different thing to count. Here's what you're looking for:

  • First code number = The number of Banora Apples and Banora Apple Juice cans (ignore the Potion if present).
  • Second code number = The number of Dorky Face enemies.
  • Third code number = The number of books on the floor, chair, and top of the bookcase.
  • Fourth code number = The number of chairs.

Once you've made note of the numbers, just head back to the safe on the upper floor of Shinra Mansion and key it in. You'll bust the safe wide open and get the reward.

What's inside the Shinra Mansion safe?

Unlike the original Final Fantasy VII, you won't have to fight the optional Lost Numbers boss if you bust open the safe in the mansion. Instead, you'll get a mastered melee Materia you might already have and free a pet Cactuar. More on that in a future guide.


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