Crash Team Rumble roadmap - All future content and seasons

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Dr. Neo Cortex and Coco in Crash Team Rumble.

If you're looking for the Crash Team Rumble roadmap, you're in the right place. This new live-service game based on the Crash Bandicoot franchise is bound to receive plenty of updates in the months and years after its release, so we've collated all that information here for you.

In this guide, we'll explain the Crash Team Rumble roadmap, complete with all the content confirmed to be coming to the game in the future. We'll also look ahead at when to expect further seasons, since more content is practically guaranteed!

Crash Team Rumble roadmap

So far, the Crash Team Rumble roadmap only goes up to the end of Season 1. This is expected to run from June 20, the game's launch date, to September 11. Here's everything that'll be added across the season:

  • A free premium battle pass for all players to redeem, complete with cosmetic items and profile modifiers
  • Two new heroes: Ripper Roo and N.Gin
  • A new map: Bogged Down
  • A new power-up: TNT Sticky Bomb
  • New limited-time mode: Zap Trap
  • Extra XP events with new rewards every weekend
An image of the Crash Team Rumble Season 1 roadmap.
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Therefore, the first few months of the Crash Team Rumble roadmap are stacked with content. There's two new heroes to add to the Crash Team Rumble tier list, as well as new rewards to grind for in the battle pass.

So far, Activision and Toys For Bob have yet to announce the further roadmap past season one of Crash Team Rumble. However, we expect future seasons will contain a similar amount of content, so look out for more heroes, maps, power-ups, and LTMs to keep you busy. Of course, we'll update our roadmap as soon as we know more!

When is the Crash Team Rumble Season 2 release date?


As per the roadmap for the first season of Crash Team Rumble, we can expect Season 2 to release on September 12, 2023. That's the day after the Season 1 battle pass expires.

At that point, we expect the game will update and shut down for a few hours to afford for the new changes to be enacted. Then, the next time you log on, the entirety of the new season's content will be there, ready for you to unlock!

That's it for our look at the Crash Team Rumble roadmap! For more on the game, go ahead and read up on whether the game is cross-platform. Elsewhere, we've got guides on the best free multiplayer games, and the best free action games to delve into.

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