How to open the console in Counter Strike 2

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The player with AWP in Counter Strike 2

Any advanced Counter Strike player should know how to open the console in Counter Strike 2. This is a useful tool that allows you to check your FPS, for example.

But it’s not enough just to know how to open the console. Sometimes it doesn’t show up when you press the correct button. So, today we will also tell you why such an unpleasant situation may happen, and how to deal with this problem.

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How to open console in Counter Strike 2

In order to open the console in Counter Strike 2, you just need to press the Tilde button. Usually, it has this symbol “~” and is above the Tab button on your keyboard. If you press on it, you will open the console window where you can enter various commands. However, it may not appear, in which case you will need to go to the settings menu.

The console in CS: GO
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Why doesn't the console open in Counter Strike 2 and how to fix it

First of all, if you want to open the console in Counter Strike 2, you will need to make sure it is enabled. Open the settings menu and search for the Enable Developer Console parameter. Enable it and then go to the control settings.


In the control settings, you will need to bind a key to open the console. Most games use the “~” button for this purpose. If this key is not bound, we recommend that you do so. After that, you should be able to open the console by pressing this key.

The developer console will help you to execute various commands, and we highly recommend that you learn a couple of them. If you play something like Counter Strike 2, then you need to know how to adapt your game, not just play well. The console is the best tool for this purpose and hopefully, you will find it helpful!

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