Can you customise character in Counter Strike 2?

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Two soldiers wielding weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

The new Counter Strike release has made players hope for the ability to customise character in Counter Strike 2. Character customisation was always a big problem in Counter Strike. Valve tried to solve the issue by adding Agents at the end of 2019, but they didn’t stop the discussions about customisation.

While it might sound unrealistic, agent customisation can become a reality in Counter Strike 2. Want to know why? Read this guide to learn about the latest code leak that confirms character customisation in Counter Strike 2.

Character customisation in Counter Strike 2

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has over 1,000 unique skins for knives, pistols, rifles and shotguns. Some are sold for thousands of dollars on Steam and other platforms. Even though it might be hard to calculate the specific number, millions of dollars are invested into skins.

Despite such success with customisation for weapons, the game has poor variability for agents, also known as characters in Counter Strike. Players can only customise gloves, which are mentioned in the code as ‘LOADOUT_POSITION_CLOTHING_HANDS.’

The part of original Counter Strike:GO code
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The part of original Counter Strike:GO code

Looking at the Counter Strike 2 code, code leakers found that the game has six possible wearables. Check the screenshot below to see how it looks directly in the code.

Part of the code from Counter Strike 2
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Part of the code from Counter Strike 2

As you can see, there are code lines for the lower body, hat, eyewear, facemask, and appearance. While it doesn’t confirm that character customisation will appear in Counter Strike 2 since the release, it makes us hope that customisation is likely to be added in further updates.

If you look back into history, you will find that the first leaks of Counter Strike: Global Offensive included character customisation. The mechanic got significant popularity and appreciation among players but got rejected for unknown reasons.

There is a high chance that Valve will return to the original idea and add agent customisation. The main reasons are money and popularity. Wearable items for agents could quickly become a lucrative system in Counter Strike 2. They can positively affect the game’s popularity, attracting players who want to make their characters look unique.


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