Can players banned in CS:GO play Counter Strike 2?

A line of characters from Counter Strike 2.

A line of characters from Counter Strike 2.

The Valve Anti-Cheat system punished thousands of gamers in CS: GO, so today we are going to tell you if players banned in CS:GO can play Counter Strike 2.

Counter Strike 2 is a whole new game. So, it may allow some players to restore their accounts, and numerous banned users are counting on this. Let’s find out if those who were punished will be able to come back to Counter Strike 2.

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Can players banned in CS:GO play Counter Strike 2?

According to the information we have so far and the official FAQ, players who were banned in CS:GO won’t be able to play Counter Strike 2. At least, not on the VAC-secured servers.

However, this news is not all that bad, as the game is just an updated version of CS:GO, made on the Source 2 engine. You will get an opportunity to carry over your skins and possibly even your account progression. If the game doesn’t allow banned players to return that easily, then numerous cheaters won’t be able to avoid their punishment and come back to Counter Strike.

If you want to play the game but your Steam account is banned, then you should create a new one. Of course, this FAQ is related to the Counter Strike 2 Limited Test, and some players may think that it only applies to this test.

However, the answer is pretty clear, and there is no clarification that it only applies to the test. So, it is likely that VAC-banned accounts won’t be able to connect to the Counter Strike 2 servers in any capacity.

How to get unbanned in CS:GO or Counter Strike 2

Well, you can’t unban your account in CS:GO. If you have been banned for the wrong reason, your account will be restored after an investigation. However, if there is evidence of you cheating, then you will not be able to appeal this ban.

Regardless of your own wishes, things are the way they are, and VAC-banned players are unlikely to return to Counter Strike 2. At least, they can’t do this using their old accounts.

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