Blood Bowl 3 season system guide

Two characters and text "Blood Bowl 3."

Two characters and text "Blood Bowl 3."

Blood Bowl 3, the fantasy sports simulator game is out now and the developers have revealed how its season system is going to work. We'll break the explanation down so that you understand how the Blood Bowl 3 season system works before you jump into the game.

Seasons are a popular feature in modern games and every developer that uses them tries to create a unique system. So, this guide will tell you about Blood Bowl 3 seasons and the Blood Pass that's a part of it.

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What are Blood Bowl 3 seasons?

Each season lasts for three months and adds some new content to the game. The developers said that they will add a new faction every season and you will be able to get it by progressing through the Blood Pass.

The character on the field in Blood Bowl 3.
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What is Blood Pass in Blood Bowl 3?

You could probably guess by the name that the Blood Pass is the Blood Bowl 3 Battle Pass. For a certain Blood Pass, you can complete its quests to earn special points and receive different items. Blood Passes have 50 levels and some of them have special rewards for you.

If you reach Blood Pass level 50, then you will get the new faction. However, you can also get it by purchasing the paid version of the Blood Pass. Every Season has its own Blood Pass and each time you will need to purchase it.

Will Blood Pass rewards be available after the season ends?

Currently, we can’t say for sure if you can get all rewards from previous Blood Passes or not. However, you will likely be able to buy all the new factions as you can do so in Blood Bowl 2. The Season system of the new game simply allows you to get them via the free version of the Blood Pass.

The new Blood Bowl game looks exciting and its Season system will provide players with lots of new content. Good luck with your further matches against humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures! And if you are looking for more Blood Bowl content, then be sure to check out our article on all Blood Bowl 3 teams confirmed so far.

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