Best Rimworld mods for 2023

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A snowy base in Rimworld.
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Even though Rimworld includes various exciting mechanics and systems, many people want to make the game even more enjoyable. One of the best options to do it is to install modifications. Fortunately, the internet is full of unique Rimworld mods suitable for any purpose. By reading this guide, you will find out the list of the best Rimworld mods for 2023.

There will be Rimworld mods not only for experienced players, but also for beginners. You can be sure that all of them will make surviving much more exciting.


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Best Rimworld mods for 2023

The Rimworld multiplayer mod for Rimworld.

Rimworld multiplayer

It is no secret that one of the biggest problems of Rimworld is that it doesn't support multiplayer mode. Rimworld Multiplayer can quickly solve this problem. By installing this modification, you will be able to have a few neighbouring settlements and go on adventures with them. You can be sure that it is one of the best mods for Rimworld.

However, to make this mod work, you and your friends should have the Steam version of the game and this mod installed. After that, you will be able to connect and play together using Steam, LAN, or port-forwarding. So, you can play together even if you have no internet connection.

A medical tab icon against a Rimworld township background.

Medical Tab

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of progressing in Rimworld. Installing the Medical Tab mod significantly simplifies managing the health of your villains. You can control the infection spread, general level of health, and various other elements using a Medical tab installed with this mod.

An updated research lab in Rimworld.

Research Reinvented

If you ever tried to research in RimWorld, you probably know that this process might take even a few months in the game’s later stages. Of course, it is unsuitable if you want to progress in the game fast. Installing Research Reinvented is one of the best ways to avoid spending a few weeks to research.

With this modification, you can use unique Theory research, which will allow you to research weapons and other machines much faster.

A row of dormitories in Rimworld.

Replace Stuff

The building system in Rimworld requires some changes. You can't build a new building in the place where you currently have construction: the only option is to demolish the previous building and create a new one. As evident, this process takes a lot of time and resources.

By installing the Replace Stuff mod, you can avoid the destroying routine and instantly construct a new building. Moreover, this mod will add various bonus features to the game. The best way to learn more about them is to install modifications.

A new triangular defensive position in Rimworld.

Defensive Positions

Defending your base is a normal process that requires a lot of time. The most significant disadvantage here is that as soon as your base in under attack, you have to send every inhabitant into a defensive position, which takes a lot of time. Moreover, it allows the enemy to take better positions and partially destroy your base before inhabitants even arrive to defensive positions.

The Defensive Positions mod allows you to create unique defensive layouts and then use them in a few clicks once needed. Also, with this modification, villains will not spend time getting into the position, but will appear here automatically. So, even if you are not focused on wars, it would be best to install this modification.

The Fallout Mod menu in Rimworld.

Fallout Mod

This Fallout Mod transforms Rimworld into Fallout. From the start, you will appear in Vault 13 with your dog. Your hero will have an 80% chance of starting with industrious traits, which is exciting. Also, one more advantage of this Fallout mod is that your base will have all advanced technologies from the start. So, you will not spend a lot of time doing research.

Villagers casting a magic spell in Rimworld.

Rimworld Magic

This next mod is fairly fantastical. Rimworld Magic adds 12 new magic classes, including paladins, mages, and necromancers. Also, there are six new fighting classes, including sniper, ranger, and gladiator. Every type has its unique abilities and stats, making your in-game experience more varied than before.

Moreover, Rimworld Magic features fresh skins and equipment. By choosing the appropriate gear, you can empower the primary stats of every class, making it even more powerful.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times mod is one of the mods that entirely changes the in-game scenario. By installing it, the whole Rimworld world will be wholly transformed. You will play on new maps, use new items, and construct new medieval-type buildings with the Medieval Times mod. Also, keep in mind there's new, historically accurate equipment here too. It becomes less powerful but more impressive if you conquer the land!

Citizens sleeping on the floor of a shelter in Rimworld.

Common Sense

Sadly, the inhabitants in Rimworld sometimes behave ridiculously. They can combine bad ingredients or ruin your perfectly sorted materials, creating additional problems for you. Fortunately, the Common Sense mod can quickly solve these problems. By installing it, inhabitants in Rimworld become much more intelligent. They will appropriately sort ingredients and, after healing a patient, you will never face a dirty room or a mess. Moreover, this mod can be easily combined with any other modifications.

A pen full of animals in Rimworld.

More Animals

Even though there is an animal system in Rimworld, you will always meet the same three creatures playing the game. It can become dull extremely fast. If you want to diversify the animal system in Rimworld, one of the best options is to install the More Animals mod. It will add various animals to the game, from lions to mandrills. Also, keep in mind that some animals have aggressive behaviour. So, you need to be pretty careful playing with this modification.

Those are our picks of the best Rimworld mods! They significantly improve the in-game experience. While you are still here, feel free to check our list of the best mods for Minecraft.