Best Friday Night Funkin mods for 2023

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By reading this guide, you will find out about the best Friday Night Funkin mods for 2023. Even the most challenging Friday Night Funkin levels will become straightforward after playing the game for a while. If you face the same problem, one of the best things you can do is install the best Friday Night Funkin mods. They can quickly make you interested in the game again.

But before continuing reading our guide, take into account that all mods in this list are only for experienced players. Training on the primary quest line would be best if you are a beginner. After that, you can install and play with these mods.


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Here are the best Friday Night Funkin mods

  • The Full-Ass Tricky
  • Whitty Full Week
  • Smoke 'Em Out Struggle
  • Sonic.exe
  • VS Kapi
  • VS Hex
  • High Effort Ugh
  • The Blueballs Incident 2.0
  • The X Event
  • VS Zardy
  • VS Shaggy

The Full-Ass Tricky

The Full-Ass Tricky for FNF.

The Full-Ass Tricky is not only one of the most challenging but also one of the most popular mods for Friday Night Funkin. It has over 8,000,000 views, which is an incredible number for a Friday Night Funkin mod created by one person. Also, this mod is not new, having been released two years ago and updated twice. Moreover, new updates may be released in the future.

Whitty Full Week for NFN.

Whitty Full Week

By installing the Whitty Full Week mod, your primary opponent will be Whitty, a rockstar who has some beef with your girlfriend’s parents. Therefore, beating Whitty is a highly important task. Moreover, you will do it using the new input system that will be added with this mod. Also, keep in mind that classic WASD will be changed to DFJK, which might create additional problems.

Smoke 'Em Out Struggle for Friday Night Funkin.

Smoke 'Em Out Struggle

Smoke 'Em Out Struggle is one of the first full-week mods for Friday Night Funkin. The main boss in this modification is Garceelo, who constantly smokes a cigarette, trying to pressure the main hero. Also, this mod is only available in hard mode. Therefore, there are no options for beginners and average players.

Sonic.exe for Friday Night Funkin.


As evident from this mod's name, your main opponent here will be Sonic the Hedgehog. But this time, in Sonic.exe, the blue hedgehog will be in the devil’s form. You can be sure that it is one of the scariest versions of Sonic you have ever seen. The only disadvantage of this mod is that sometimes you might face some bugs and glitches. However, it is typical for any mod in any game.

VS Kapi for Friday Night Funkin.

VS Kapi

VS. Kapi is one of the most extensive mods in Friday Night Funkin. It includes nine unique songs and four antagonists you will fight. The further you go, the more challenging bosses you will face. The central boss here is Kapi, one of the coolest boys in the local high school. So, beating him is one of the best ways to prove your skill.

VS Hex in Friday Night Funkin.

VS Hex

The Vs Hex mod was made by a team of developers that includes seven individuals. At the moment of writing, this mod includes 10 playable songs. Moreover, it is regularly updated, so the developers might add new songs. In addition to new songs and bosses, the VS Hex mod boasts a new design and bonus features such as a Gallery and Jukebox, which you can get after beating bosses.

High Effort Ugh for Friday Night Funkin.

High Effort Ugh

High Effort Ugh is one of the most challenging mods in Friday Night Funkin nowadays. This mod is perfectly suitable for training your skills. However, the main disadvantage of High Effort Ugh mod is that it includes only one song. Therefore, this mod is only for people who like playing the same song on repeat for hours as practice.

The Blueballs Incident 2.0 for Friday Night Funkin.

The Blueballs Incident 2.0

The Blueballs Incident 2.0 is the scariest mod in Friday Night Funkin. Even though it has no age restrictions, it is not recommended to install this modification if you are a novice to the game. The main antagonist in The Blueballs Incident 2.0 mod is Agent Blueballs, a troll who wants to conquer the world.

The X Event for Friday Night Funkin.

The X Event

The X Event mod brings various heroes from Undertale AU's Underverse and XTale to Friday Night Funkin. Therefore, if you like those games, there is no doubt that you should try this mod out. It includes an exciting RPG overworld and various custom characters, the main one of which is X Gaster. He is extremely powerful and has a unique Relight theme.

VS Zardy for Friday Night Funkin.

VS Zardy

Even though it might seem that VS Zardy is a scary mod, this is not so. It is a unique Halloween-themed mod that has nothing in common with scary mods like the one abvoe. Unfortunately, this mod features only one boss, Zardy. But he is pretty challenging. So, beating him might take a significant amount of time.

VS Shaggy for Friday Night Funkin.

VS Shaggy

The main villain in the VS Shaggy mod is Shaggy Rogers, the beloved character from the Scooby-Doo franchise. Even though in this mod, Shaggy is without Scooby, he is still one of the most powerful bosses in FNF. Using just a fraction of his ability, Shaggy will create various problems for you, and your main mission is to cope with them.

VS Shaggy contains 12 unique songs divided into six chapters. The further you go, the more challenging songs you will be tasked with completing. The last chapter six is one of the most complex levels in Friday Night Funkin.

In conclusion, there are various exciting mods for Friday Night Funkin. Moreover, some mods have a few difficulty levels and are suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced players. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best multiplayer games for Android.