Best Fortnite Halloween skins - Our top picks

Image of a jack-o-lantern skin wielding a gun in Fortnite.

Image of a jack-o-lantern skin wielding a gun in Fortnite.

Halloween is upon us, and Fortnite has once again embraced the season with its annual Fortnitemares event. Bringing with it some new skins as well as classic customisable items, fans of the battle royale game can pick and choose their best Fortnite Halloween skins.

Joining other games like Overwatch 2's own Halloween event to celebrate the scary season, it's a great time to be a fan of these games. Anyone can dress up as spooky skeletons, wicked witches, or muscular mummies in-game. Fortnite certainly has plenty of those roaming the island.

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Here are the best Fortnite Halloween skins

Looking back at the history of Fortnitemares and the bundles made available through the game's store, these are just some of the best Halloween costumes to wear in Fortnite.


The Bonejamin skin in Fortnite.
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Part of the Punk is Dead set, released during the Chapter 3 Season 4, Bonejamin is a cartoonish skeleton with fashion crossed between a punk and a goth. He even has some retro 3D glasses that can be worn as part of his alternative costume, complete with animated lenses to put unsuspecting opponents off.

While perhaps not as serious-looking nor intimidating as previous skins, that's exactly what makes him stand out with his goofy, yet charming, exterior. It's rare among the countless horror-related skins out there. It also oozes style as it features so many details, both big and small, that makes it one of the best cosmetic items released this year.


Graven in Fortnite
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Regarded as one of the classic monsters of horror with numerous successful films over the years, the ancient Egyptian mummy continues to intrigue and intimidate people. It's certainly no exception in Fortnite with Graven, the pharaoh mummy skin released back in Chapter 2 Season 8.

With piercing purple eyes, dark golden jewellery, and loosened old bandages that reveal some boney interiors, the secrecy behind this one makes him a terrifying opponent to come across on the battlefield. Complete with his gear from the Graven Curse Set, it's all too fitting with the desert sections of the ever-changing island, as much as any haunted graveyard. Heck, Graven is even more frightening than the Mummy skin that landed as part of Universal's crossover.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor in a lab in Fortnite
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Inspired by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Good Doctor shares many similarities to the dangerous duo from classic literature, while also keeping with the design of the game's many characters that have come before it. Part of the Duplicity set released a couple of years ago, it featured some cool items for the back bling and harvesting tool, but the character and its unique emote was certainly worth the purchase.

If players wear The Good Doctor skin and use the Morph Juice emote, they can transform into the demonic Hyde. Brilliantly capturing the feel of its source material and a fun skin to play around with, it still remains one of the most unique costumes that was released around 2020's Fortnitemares event.


Hemlock in Fortnite with the other skins, a pumpkin and a skeleton
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When Fortnite entered Chapter 2 and built upon the island and its new features on the map, the first season featured new creative skins and customisable items. Among them was the green witch Hemlock, who stood out from the Arcane Arts set of witches and wizards thanks to her style and unique transformation.

Already fitting for every Halloween with her attire and villainous smirk, Hemlock takes spookiness a step further. By using the Witchcraft emote, she can turn into a hideous monster, complete with sharp fangs and glowing eyes. It's enough to haunt anyone who comes across this alternative style. There may have been many witch costumes over the years, and fans will have their favourites, but there's no denying how much Hemlock stood out at the time.


The Brainiac skin alongside two other zombies in Fortnite
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Chapter 1 Season 6 of Fortnite introduced some new mechanics, including music tracks and pets that can be worn as back bling for the playable avatars. It also continued to build upon the game's ever-growing collection of skins, one of which was the zombified Jonesey, Brainiac.

He may look like a green-skinned version of the iconic character from the game's previous seasons, but the small details of rotten-looking patches and hollow yellow eyes was enough to make it stand out during the early years of Fortnite. Furthermore, Brainiac has returned as an NPC on the island since his debut in the Item Shop, and even received a colourful style so anyone can pick and choose their decal for Halloween.

Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper in Fortnite, stood in front of an AI enemy
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One of the original skins made for the very first season, Skull Trooper has continued to be return again and again in the Item Shop. A popular skin, this particular look has been re-coloured and repackaged with new styles that have only made it one of the more recognisable and oldest cosmetic items in the world of Fortnite.

With the mixture of face paint and bones painted onto the outfit itself, it's a silly and entertaining skin that has remained a fan-favourite choice. This particular character is so iconic that even when people have finished playing the game, they can grab its own action figure and extend their fandom to the real world.

Peely Bone

The Peely Bone skin in Fortnite
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If players reached the forty-seventh tier in season eight of the first chapter, they could gain the Peely skin, a giant walking banana with large beady eyes and a small, charming smile. The character has since been re-designed with new and creative variants from a robot to a skinless, sunbathing fruit.

By far one of the best is the Peely Bone skin, released during Chapter 2 as part of the Banana Bunch set. Both haunting and funny, it's a standout from the wardrobe of costumes. Hopefully, Epic Games can continue releasing new styles and an even wackier expansion of variants on our favourite Fortnite skins.

That's it for our list of the best Fortnite Halloween skins! For even more on the game, check out our Fortnitemares 2022 hub, as well as details on the Evil Dead crossover.

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