Best Fallout 4 sex mods for 2023

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The opening door to Vault 111 in Fallout 4.
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If you've ever wanted to download some slightly different mods to your load order, we will cover the best Fallout 4 sex mods. You may almost entirely lose yourself in Fallout 4's world. You'll probably never be able to read through all of the available stuff, because there is simply so much out there to keep you occupied.

The game, however, only provides something for those gamers who like an entirely immersive experience. This article includes a list of the top 10 best Fallout 4 sex mods for 2023 that you may use to alter the gameplay slightly.


Mods always make your favourite games more fun. Apart from Fallout 4 sex mods, we also have mods for Resident Evil 3, Dying Light 2 mods, and FFXIV mods. Make sure to check them out!

Here are the best Fallout 4 sex mods for 2023

  • AAF Hardship
  • Hookers of the Commonwealth
  • Just a Hairy Male Body Mod
  • Absolutely Skimpy Attire Mod
  • Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer Mod
  • Atomic Lust Mod
  • Devious Devices
  • Assimilation
  • Cheeky Casuals Mod
  • M.C.G Extended Social Interactions

AAF Hardship

The ambitious role-playing mod AAF Hardship by Tentacus adds elements that recreate a subsistence economy to Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic Boston. The prose is just as pulpy as the majority of Fallout's setting, but it has a vulgar and sensual edge.


The large range of sequences programmed into the Fallout gameplay, as well as the great installation guide for animation and model enhancements, make this mod stand out. This mod is the best to attempt if you're seeking an NSFW role-playing environment, and it's ideal if you're new to sex modifications. After properly installing AAF Hardship, you'll have an almost brand-new game that you may customise with additional explicit material.

Hookers of the Commonwealth

The Hookers of the Commonwealth mod adds so many new elements to the game that it could pass for a Fallout 4 expansion pack in terms of depth. Bunker Hill, Goodneighbor, Diamond City, Club Fusion, Fusion City, and seven brand-new functioning, linked subway stations all get working prostitutes thanks to this enormous update!

The Fusion City Rising mod, a free DLC-sized narrative mod that significantly improves the game, is another free mod available on Nexusmods, and it is necessary for this mod to function. This is its sole possible drawback.

Just a Hairy Male Body Mod

This mod is quite self-explanatory, if the title didn't already make it clear what it was about. A hairy male physique is exactly what this mod by Friffy gives users.


With this mod, you may finally fulfil your long-held desire for Fallout 4's male form to have a little more fuzz! This patch freely gives users access to "other small body parts" related to the character model, in addition to giving some fuzzy appearance to the limbs, hips, chest, and "other minor body parts." With this mod for Fallout 4, you'll surely have the Teen Wolf persona of your dreams!

Absolutely Skimpy Attire Mod

Another self-explanatory mod that just doesn't take much thought to understand is this one by Dikr. You can tell what to expect from this mod (lots of skin and little else) just by looking at the title.

This mod is special, not just because there are 65 completely new "wasteland-worn and ripped" clothing pieces accessible, but as well as because it needs the CBBE mod to function. Don't squander your chance for the ultimate Fallout 4 playtime: the Absolutely Skimpy Attire mod and the CBBE mod combine to offer you the spiciest Fallout 4 experiences conceivable.

Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer mod

This is one of the most well-liked NSFW Fallout 4 sex mods for 2023. The Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer mod, sometimes known as CBBE, gives users unlimited control over how their character's body appears. You may not think this is very NSFW at first, but when you download it and start playing, you'll understand why it's one of the most well-known Fallout 4 sex mods ever.


Fallout 4's vanilla female form, which all adult female models (player and NPC) share, is replaced by a body that is completely (and we do mean completely) customisable, right down to the smallest detail. Try out a few CBBE mods from Nexusmods if you've ever been dissatisfied with Fallout 4's lack of variety in body types!

Atomic Lust Mod

With both the amount of care and attention that was invested into Atomic Lust, it's easy to see why it's one of the most well-liked Fallout 4 sex modifications right now. With the help of the mod Atomic Lust, the game now has a variety of sexual animations, some of which just pertain to foreplay, and others to consider more intricate personal actions.

Atomic Lust's author, TheRealRufgt on Nexusmods, stated that it would "enable players to expand beyond the romantic system of vanilla Fallout 4", and they most certainly succeeded in this endeavour!

Devious Devices

This mod is for Fallout 4 gamers that just desire sex toys. You may now utilise an astounding amount of new tools and weapons, each of which has a sexual theme or function. You should be prepared to see certain things that you might never be able to unsee, since this is a wild new world that isn't constrained by the norms of today.



Another mod with a specific focus on role-players is Assimilation. When this mod is active, "there is a possibility that the player's hair, physique, skin, and clothes may change after having sex with a companion of a certain faction." This enables your character to develop naturally across a campaign, with the provocative twist of being centred around sex.

Cheeky Casuals Mod

Among the various "Classy Chassis Outfits" mods that GrafPanzer has produced, this one is unquestionably the best. The fourth instalment of the Classy Chassis Clothing mod series, the Cheeky Casuals mod delivers 19 fresh, sensual redesigns of pre-war as well as casual vanilla pieces of clothing.

Try out this mod or any of the additional Classy Chassis Costumes mods from GrafPanzer on Nexusmods if you've ever desired to see your favourite Fallout 4 characters dressed in sexier variations of their iconic outfits!

M.C.G Extended Social Interactions

The chat and NPC interaction choices in Fallout 4 receive a rather significant NSFW update thanks to the M.C.G. Extended Social Interactions mod. You'll be able to date individuals, engage in self-prostitution, exchange slaves, flirt with numerous NPCs in various locales, and much more.


This mod doesn't only focus on sex. It completely revamps Fallout 4's NPC conversation options, going beyond the typical combat/non-combat interaction options you receive with most of them, allowing you to role play in the wasteland.

After playing even just one of these Fallout 4 sex mods for 2023, you'll undoubtedly want a few chilly showers! If you enjoy adding dirty modifications to your video game playthroughs, Fallout 4 offers many options that dramatically alter the experience for other players. So it stands to reason that you can install a tonne of additional adult as well as sexual modifications in 2023 to make your hours of gameplay a little hotter.

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