How Long As Dusk Falls Takes to Beat and How Many Chapters There Are

as dusk falls, how long

In games that are very narrative focused, it's often interesting to know how long they'll be going in at the start. The same can be said of As Dusk Falls, which is the new narrative focused game that's also an Xbox console exclusive. To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of how long As Dusk Falls takes to beat and how many chapters there are to work through.

The details we'll provide below will be in reference to beating As Dusk Falls once. To see everything the game has to offer, you'll have to play it a few times, thanks to the branching paths that open up as you make the major choices. To see every single scene and choice in the game, you'll have to spend a long time replaying chapters.

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How Long As Dusk Falls Takes to Beat

The length of As Dusk Falls will be pretty consistent for everyone. Just as the developers have said, a single playthrough of As Dusk Falls will take about six hours.

as dusk falls, how long to beat
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And, for the most part, it's hard to reduce that number by much. Because the game is so linear and made up of mostly cutscenes broken up by choices, there's very little you can skip past sections quickly. You may be able to shave seconds off the time by making choices quickly, but that's it.

The opposite can also be said, though. You're not going to take much longer than six hours to beat the game, since there aren't things to wander off and see or puzzles to get stuck on. The game goes at its own pace and you just have to tag along for the ride.

How Many Chapters There Are

There are six chapters to work through in As Dusk Falls, some of which are longer than others.

You can replay any of them from any point via the main menu, but we'd recommend just playing all of them in order once for your first playthrough.

Once a chapter is over, you'll be shown the path you took through the story and what percentage of players made each choice.

Being able to see how many other options there are in the story is what brings replayability to the forefront. For a single playthrough, you'll be playing six chapters over the course of six hours, which is nice and simple.

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