All RC Top Fun Mission Locations In GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

Radio Controlled (RC) Top Fun cars present an extremlely fun miniature experience in GTA Vice City. RC vehicles can be found at various locations across the map. However, Top Fun cars are a special kind of vehicle that presents mini-challenges with money on offer as a reward.

There are three different RC Top Fun Missions in GTA Vice City and all of them involve a race of some sort. While two of these missions focus entirely on finishing first, the final mission requires the player to go through 20 different checkpoints to unlock the reward.

Additionally, all of these missions offer $100 as reward upon completion. Although the reward is not very big for these missions, players will have to go through them in order to achieve 100% completion.

With that out of the way, let's dive in and check out all the different locations for RC Top Fun missions in GTA Vice City.

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RC Top Fun Locations

In order to complete the missions, players will need to head over to each of the marked locations on the map and spot the RC Top Fun vehicle. Once they find the vehicle, they will need to step inside the Top Fun to begin the mini-challenge race.

Rewards for the race will only will granted after the player fulfills the required criteria for the respective mission. However, given that players won't be able to achieve 100% completion without finishing these challenges, spending time on them is highly recommended after finishing the main storyline.

Considering that all three RC Top Fun missions have only $300 to offer as reward, players should be in no hurry to complete these challenges for the rewards.

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