All Stunt Jump Locations In GTA 3 Definitive Edition

Stunt jumps in GTA 3 are an interesting set of collectibles that you need to complete in order to achieve 100% completion. I mean, is it even GTA if you're not pushing your vehicle to its absolute limits?

Moreover, GTA 3 is probably the only game in the GTA franchise where you can make a lot of money without doing anything. But you can't really spend it on anything interesting either.

But then again, who doesn't like to flaunt the amount of money they have in GTA, right?

There are a total of 20 unique stunt jumps that you can find scattered around Liberty City. And as mentioned before, you need to collect them all if you're gunning for that 100% completion mark.

This guide will show you all the GTA 3 Stunt Jump locations. Some are tucked away behind lush greenery, while some are hidden in plain sight.

Every time you complete any unique GTA 3 stunt jump, you are rewarded with money, based upon the distance you travel. There's also a cinematic camera that tracks your avatar and the vehicle while it's trying hard to be Apollo 13.

That being said, here are all the stunt jump locations in GTA 3.

All GTA 3 stunt jump locations

The map above shows you all the GTA 3 stunt jump locations. All you need to do is grab a vehicle and then hit the ramp at these spots.

Interestingly enough, you get rewarded around $5000 the first time you complete a unique stunt jump. The more stunt jumps you complete, the higher the reward value goes. The reward value is multiplied by the number of jumps you complete.

You will also be rewarded with a trophy/achievement which is dubbed as Wheels Up! for completing all the stunt jumps successfully.

So if you complete all the 20 stunt jumps, you'll be rewarded with a whopping $100,000 apart from the achievement. All you need to do is find these jumps and go the distance. It's all about the timing and the speed of the vehicle.

If you do it right, you'll be flying high in your vehicle. Personally, I would prefer using a bike while attempting these stunt jumps, mainly because it's easier to maneuver a bike over a car.

However, if you're feeling freaky enough, you could try these jumps with a tank as well. Just don't forget to enable the nitrous with a cheat!

Oh and yes, make sure you stick the landing. Good luck!

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