All RC Toyz Mission Locations In GTA 3 Definitive Edition

GTA 3 does have an extensive list of missions and side-missions for everyone to complete. Although not all side-missions are that interesting, there is one particular mission that almost everyone has a fun time completing.

The RC Toyz missions are the missions in question here. There are four specific mission markers. And in order to complete this mission, all you need to do is drive a remote control car to destroy a few mafia vehicles.

Here's everything we know about the GTA 3 RC Toyz missions.

All GTA 3 RC Toyz missions

As mentioned before, there are four specific RC Toyz missions in GTA 3. For each mission that you participate, you will have 2 minutes to destroy as many gang cars as you can.

The missions are as follows:

  • Diablo Destruction
  • Mafia Massacre
  • Casino Calamity
  • Rumpo Rampage

For every mission that you successfully complete, you will be rewarded with $6000. And this holds true for all the four missions that you have.

In order to complete these missions, you need to drive the remote control car close to the required gang vehicles. Once you've hit their tyres, you need to press the designated button on your platform, and make your remote controlled car explode.

It may be a task to find gang cars during this mission sometimes, so be a bit patient, and try to blow up two or more cars together whenever you get the chance.

Oh and also, don't accidentally blow up your own van. It's funny but it's not recommended at all!

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