Where To Find The Lighthouse In GTA 5

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It’s impressive how a game like GTA 5 can have some of the best-looking locations around when compared to other open-world games, and the amount of detail they put in these areas can be crazy good, as the devs often go hard on things they don’t need to, particularly in a number of buildings that don’t even have a lot of missions in them, if any at all.

The GTA 5 lighthouse is no exception since it looks really nice, whether you want to view it as a symbol of hope in the day or a horror-like area at night, particularly when fog is around, there’s a lot to like about the lighthouses in this game and fans are curious about where they are placed in the main game.

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Where To Find The Lighthouse In GTA 5

While there are a couple of lighthouses in GTA 5, the one fans often talk about is the lighthouse located in Cape Catfish.

Honestly, we don’t know why since there isn’t a lot to do here and there’s maybe one mission you can do here but, otherwise, it’s just a pretty location and not much else.

Anyway, for those that are interested, you can find it on the eastern side of Cape Catfish so it should be easy enough to find by just driving around.

Once again, it’s really pretty and we’re sure that some GTA 5 fans will be able to find some cool bits and pieces.

PC fans have also probably made mods to make the Cape Catfish lighthouse much more interesting but other than that, just have fun with Photo Mode when it comes to this GTA 5 lighthouse.

GTA 5 is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.