What Is JP in GTA Online?

GTA Online JP, or job points if you want to be specific, have been an important part of the game for a long while now. However, Rockstar is happy to let you puzzle over what they actually do for the most part.

Job Points are just a fancy name for points in GTA Online. Since there are a lot of players in any given lobby at any given time, these job points act as ranking factors and organize players into categories in an online lobby.

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What Are Job Points in GTA Online?

Job points in GTA Online are a specific set of points that you gain for completing a certain activity or job, hence the name.

Think of it as a leaderboard score. You earn points depending upon how well you performed in your job. Since it's a metric of sorts, there are obviously different amount of job points for the different placements that you achieve.

  • 1st : 15 job points
  • 2nd : 12 job points
  • 3rd:10 job points
  • 4th: 8 job points
  • 5th:7 job points
  • 6th: 6 job points

This continues till the last place player who earns just 1 job point. If you've finished on top of the leaderboard, and you've managed to complete a really difficult activity, you earn an additional job point.

What Are Job Points for in GTA Online?

They don't really do anything that interesting. All they do is play the role of the sorting hat when it comes to choose another activity.

If two teams vote for two different activities, the team with the higher job point tally gets to pick which one you do. If you leave a session or an active playlist, your job points go back to zero.

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