GTA Online Shipwreck Locations: All Map Locations To Unlock Frontier Outfit

GTA Online fans have a brand new collectable to track as of the new weekly update on August 26. Players logging in should be greeted with the following message on screen:

"Collect all Outfit Scraps, found inside chests at shipwrecks around Los Santos, to earn a unique reward. You can track the daily discovery of the shipwreck location via the inventory section of the interaction menu".

Players who collect shipwrecks will earn $20000, but more importantly, if you collect 7 you'll earn the new unlockable "The Frontier" outfit which you can see below. (Image courtesy of @WildBrick142 on Twitter)

It's not 100% clear just yet, but we suspect you'll need to collect 7 in a row to unlock the outfit. Not 7 total. We should find out soon enough if this is the case.

GTA Online Frontier Outfit
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How To Find Shipwreck Collectibles in GTA Online

The new Shipwreck Collectibles are rather similar to the Hidden Caches which were added to the game in the Cayo Perico Heist.

There are 30 of these shipwreck locations dotted across Los Santos, but there's only ever one shipwreck/treasure chest available to find each day. The location of the treasure chest will presumably change daily from one of these possible 30 locations.

When you approach a Treasure Chest you should start to hear chime music, which indicates when you're getting close.

That being said, you won't need to listen out for chimes too much, because we've got a map for you below showing you all 30 possible locations for these Shipwrecks.

ALL GTA Online Shipwreck Locations

You can see all shipwreck locations on the interactive GTA Online map below:

What is the GTA Online Shipwreck Location Today?

As mentioned, the location of the GTA Online Shipwreck changes daily, so assuming you don't want to search all 30 coastline locations every single day, your best bet is to join the Discord channel for GTA Series Videos.

The channel includes a bot that updates daily with the location, as well as the daily Cayo Perico Treasure Chest.

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