Rockstar Games New Website Graphics Tease GTA 6 Or Bully 2?

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Rockstar has changed the graphics on their website with two new ones potentially hinting at GTA 6 or Bully 2!

The internet is naturally sent into a frenzy as soon as any mention about GTA 6 arises - we've waited (somewhat) patiently for a GTA 6 release date to be announced.

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New Graphics

Earlier this week, a new image was implemented into the menu bar on the Rockstar website - this depicts an Android hugging the Rockstar logo with an ice bucket containing champagne.

It's hard to really link this to a Rockstar title, but the art style looks vaguely like it belongs with GTA.

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gta 6 teaser

However, a Reddit user has found a new graphic with a red and blue colour scheme.


The text in the graphic reads:

"Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous. Bullying the weak"

There are also plenty of other clues hidden within the graphic.

gta 6 teaser

It's certainly a strange teaser and upon the first read, you would assume it is GTA 6 that is being referenced.


But the line, bullying the weak certainly makes you think of Bully 2 - which was rumoured to be cancelled some time ago.


u/Mr_Nobody0 quickly shut down speculation by saying "This is just Rockstar's motto."

u/guywhodo may be reading into things a bit too much but gives his insight as to what it all means.

"There are 18 white lines on the left. These kind of lines are printed on the money. Thiese lines are on gta V logo that is also in color of money. On the right we have no 19 why? Just like that? There are 48 rockstar logos on the right with 3 vertical columns of 16 elements. Aitle on the left we have another vertical column with also 16 elements which suggest that that column can be applied on the right."

The jury is still out what this all means, but given the recent situation with co-founder Dan Houser leaving the company, Rockstar needs to react with something positive.