Bully 2: Cancelled Release Date, Setting, Platforms, Leaked News and Everything We Know About Rockstar’s Potential Next Release!

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For a good few years, there have been rumblings of Rockstar Games working on Bully 2.

There;'s even been a number of reported 'leaks' that have suggested that Rockstar Games might still be working on the game internally.


The original Bully was initially released in 2006 and was unlike anything Rockstar had made to date.

It centred around a rule-breaking middle schooler that was tasked with the challenge of trying to fit in but, of course, it had a Rockstar twist. The game was loved by many worldwide and was essentially seen as a mini GTA game with all the mischief you could cause throughout the school. The game also received some harsh criticism, as do most Rockstar Games, this one more so due to the extreme levels of bullying that you could do throughout the game.

With many players having such a deep and profound love for Rockstar’s seemingly forgotten title, it's understandable that so many fans are clamouring for a sequel.

But what do we know about the potential release for Bully 2? Here's everything we know.

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Latest News - Did GTA 6 Get Bully 2 Cancelled?

30 December 2020 - 

It's being reported that Bully 2 may have met an unfortunate end as Rockstar Games internal teams were moved off development to focus on more important titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 6.

The information comes via notable Rockstar Games informer Tez2 who was writing on the GTA Forums.

According to Tez, pre-production for Grand Theft Auto VI started in 2015. But this slowed in 2017 due to the combined workload of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Bully 2.


At some point in 2017 it was seemingly decided that Bully 2 would be shelved in favour of continuing development on GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2; which many might recall was originally due for release in the second half of 2017.

Another well known Rockstar insider by the name of Yan2295 has also appeared to support these claims in the comment section on Reddit.

Where does this leave Bully 2? Well, probably the exact same place it was before. Stuck in development hell.

Bully 2 Leak in GTA 5?

With the recent GTA 5 update, that included casinos and casino games, fans have spotted a unique image that may be paying homage to the old game or hinting at a possible Bully 2 announcement soon. During a screen in the new GTA 5 update, there is a new poster and on it is the four images that were synonymous with the halls during Bully. This is purely speculation as of now but it is an interesting choice for Rockstar to include this image and taking down the RDR2 poster as well.

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Bully 2 Development

There have been multiple rumors of Bully 2’s development over the course of the last few years, however, as of last month, a Reddit post was made which detailed all the information we know so far. According to the Reddit post, which was made on the official Bully 2 Sub-Reddit, all of these rumors have been leaked either by artwork or by Rockstar Games employees.


The post details that Bully 2 was initially in the developing stages, right after the Bully 1 release in 2006, they also say that the game is being developed by Rockstar New England rather than their Vancouver location who were the ones that worked on Bully 1.

Bully 2 Lead Musician Confirms Development

There was also another confirmation dating all the way back to 2009, this time it was by Shawn Lee who was the musician that made the entire Bully soundtrack back in 2006. He confirmed in 2009 that at one point he was working on the game with Rockstar but unfortunately we have not heard anything else yet. 

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Bully 2 Storyline Rumours

There have been leaks that Bully 2 will be a direct sequel of the original title but this time it would be centered around Jimmy’s (The main protagonist) life at home rather than at school. The Reddit post also noted that the home featured in Bully 2 will be owned by his step-parents which could mean that step sibling could be main characters as well.

It could be an interesting story into Jimmy’s life at home rather than school as during the Bully 1 intro screen we are showcased with the rather turbulent relationship that Jimmy has with his parents. 


Bully 2 Release Date Rumours

Although lots of people have been eager to pick a date and say its the potential release date for Bully 2, there has unfortunately been no OFFICIAL date confirmed as of yet. However, there may be an inital teaser for the date in the next coming months of perhaps 2020 could be the year we finally get a date. 

Bully 2 Gameplay Mechanics 

A Reddit post also noted that the sequel to Bully 1 could have a more stealth emphasis than its previous version, they also said that the mechanics of the game will, of course, be on Rockstar’s latest and greatest engine. 

Another note that was rather interesting to many players was the concept of a Summer Camp potentially being in the game, maybe we could see Jimmy be sent there by his parents or we go back and forth between the two locations.

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