Musician Alleges Rockstar Used His Songs in GTA Without Permission

Bully composer Shawn Lee is suing Rockstar Games over alleged copyright infringement.

The suit revolves around music used in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V that Rockstar adapted without Lee’s permission or knowledge.

Lee claims Rockstar commissioned music and stems, mixes of several distinct tracks combined, for GTA IV, but the developer doubled back and said the music wasn’t what they wanted after all.

Lee said no explanation was ever provided for why the material didn’t meet expectations.

The songs Lee alleges were used without his permission are “Soviet Connection,” which Lee says is closely similar to his “Biker Chick” song, and “Liberty City Loop.”

It’s also more complicated than just Rockstar lifting portions of songs it previously rejected.

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Musician Alleges Rockstar Used His Songs in GTA Without Permission

Lee released the material Rockstar didn’t want on his own album “Reel to Reel,” published with Ubiquity Records in 2012.

Ubiquity is also listed as a plaintiff on Lee’s infringement suit, which includes charges of intentional misrepresentation and negligent misrepresentation.

How the courts respond to the suit remains unknown, especially since the suit claims Rockster used “portions” of Lee’s work that are “substantially similar” and not the entire tracks.

So far, Rockstar has yet to make a statement about the suit, though it’s still a fairly new case.

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[Source: Times of San Diego]

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