GTA Online PC Players Sick of Lack of Action Against Cheaters

An image of a helicopter in GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

An image of a helicopter in GTA Online.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

In every pretty much online game, you can find players willing to bend the rules in order to get ahead.

This is especially true in titles like GTA Online, where virtual cash, which can buy you virtual weapons and virtual supercars, remains king.

Currently, it seems as though Rockstar have the most work to do with regards to dealing with cheaters on the game’s PC variant, where players on Reddit are complaining that action isn’t being taken against wrongdoers often enough.

GTA Online PC Players Sick of Cheaters

Beginning a now locked thread on the GTA Online subreddit about the subject is a post by a user that contains an image of an in-game notification confirming that someone has been removed from their session for cheating, alongside the caption: “I never thought I would see this”.

Several other players responded with similar tones of disbelief, with meatbag2010 comparing the situation to an April fools joke or “a Christmas miracle”, while Blackbeard-14 simply said: “once in a blue moon”.

One user likened the sight of the notification to a dream, while another responded to this by referencing the intro sequence to Skyrim.

Other users questioned whether the player in the original post being removed actually signifies action having been taken to solve cheating issues in 2022, with NickJG4L saying: “This is old, it's very rare to get detected cheating and kicked as you have to use the worst hacks ever possible (nowadays)”.

A screenshot of the Reddit thread.
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A screenshot of the Reddit thread.

On a similar note, user CaptainPrower said: “Considering what people usually get banned for, this was probably some poor schmuck who accidentally logged into GTAO without disabling his singleplayer mods first.”

Meanwhile, user Apprehensive-Page-33 said that for them, any intervention would be “too little too late”, sharing a recent story about having a bunker mission interrupted by a modder, which frustrated them to the point of quitting the game and Fabulous-Air1218 mused: “I really hope they have better systems in place to detect hackers for GTA 6”.

Make sure to follow us for more GTA Online updates and info on GTA 6 whenever we hear about Rockstar’s plans.

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