GTA Online Players Debate Best Initial Spawn Point

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The Diamond Casino in GTA Online.

Given the sheer number of properties available for purchase all over GTA Online’s map, it should come as no surprise that established players have an overabundance of options when it comes to where they want to spawn in at the start of a session.

From apartments to businesses to the middle of nowhere, each location has its own positives and negatives, but which is the most common among players?

This is the crux of a thread on the GTA Online Reddit page, which seeks to end the debate once and for all by polling players to find out which site is the most popular.

The Best GTA Online Spawn Point

User OLSkyred, who posted the poll, said that while the spawn point question has been asked before, they thought it was worth updating and getting to know the reasons behind people’s choices.

As you can see from the poll above, which has received 7.6k votes in total so far, the results were quite surprising, with ‘other’ triumphing over all of the options presented by OLSkyred.

The true most popular option, the Diamond Casino penthouse suite, became top comment with over 2k upvotes, with user legendary724 explaining: “I can spin the wheel downstairs before I start my session”.

Second place went to the Agency, with 1.5k votes behind it in the poll, narrowly trailed by the CEO office with 1.3k votes.

Another popular option posted in the comments by a user who apparently likes to live dangerously is the player’s last location, which earned fourth place with 1.2k upvotes and apparently allows for some Hangover-style ‘how did I end up here?’ moments.

One player also admitted they like to spawn in at a random location in Los Santos, saying it’s “no biggie” and another said that they enjoy spawning at their house because: “it has my cars”.

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