How To Unlock Rickie Lukens In GTA 5 - Heist Crew Member Guide

Building your crew in GTA 5 is one of the more fun things to do in the game, netting you a ton of money and interacting with some weirdos that can lead to some fun scenarios.

Admittedly, trying to recruit certain members can be pretty annoying since they’re random in nature and forces the player to just continue the story or do side missions, which can be annoying.

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How To Unlock Rickie Lukens In GTA 5 - Heist Crew Member Guide

Still, completing your crew can be worth it so here’s how to get Rickie Lukens in GTA 5.

Recruiting Rickie Lukens in GTA 5 can be a bit random but compared to other members, he’s a bit easier to get.

According to GTA 5 fans, all you have to do is complete the Friend Request mission, keep playing as Michael, drive around for a few minutes and Rickie Lukens will call to join your crew.

Unfortunately, you might just be recruiting Rickie for the sake of completing everything in the game, because he isn’t the best hacker to have in your team.

During a number of heists, Rickie is often your worst choice as a hacker since he just ends up barely giving players any time to steal what they need to.

Admittedly, it does lead to some fun dialogue between Rickie and who he might be talking to but in terms of gameplay, he’s nothing but a hindrance and you’re better off choosing other hackers.

Unless you get an achievement for recruiting all members, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there were, don’t feel bad if Rickie takes a while to join you.

GTA 5, which comes with GTA Online, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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