How To Unlock Packie McReary In GTA 5 - Heist Crew Member Guide

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Grand Theft Auto is a series that’s a little more subtle with their cameos, as characters from previous games rarely appear and if they do, new fans won’t be lost since they can just be seen as characters that give you missions to do or locations to get.

What’s interesting is some of them even appear in GTA 5, the latest installment of the series until they release GTA 6, as you can recruit people to join you in a heist, including GTA 4 character Packie McReary.

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How To Unlock Packie McReary In GTA 5 - Heist Crew Member Guide

Finding Packie McReary in GTA5 can be pretty difficult since it’s a random event that will happen when you’re exploring the game’s open-world, so if you’re rushing for this, it’s going to take a while, though players have had luck finding him near Franklin's house.

Either way, when you’re exploring the open world, look out for a blue icon on your mini-map that will be moving towards you, which ends up being a police van that has Packie, and you’re gonna have to save him.

Yes, you’re going to have to stop a police van in GTA 5 to save Packie, which means you’re going to get into a big firefight or car chase unless you call Lester to get rid of them.

Once you’re rid of the police, Packie will tell you to bring him to a safe house in Los Santos and after doing that, he will then be a part of your crew in GTA 5.


If you’re packed to the brim with weapons and are good with vehicles, this shouldn’t be too hard but should you fail, the event can pop up again so don’t lose hope.

GTA 5, which comes with GTA Online, is now available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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