GTA Online's Latest Update Sees Fans Walking In Circles

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Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update - Los Santos Tuners - has given it a stronger racing focus. Offering up a variety of new cars, it's seen a positive reception among players who'd been undertaking racers for several years, though not everyone was happy.

Many players are getting annoyed by the grind required to unlock this new content, so they've taken up a few clever tricks.

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GTA Online's Latest Update Sees Fans Walking In Circles

Between using rubber bands on controllers, flipping over the controller and other unusual methods, online lobbies have been filled with players walking in circles, going AFK as it happens. It comes down to the Tuner Reputation system, a progression method that sees car meet members earning "Tuner XP" to level up, unlocking items such as new car parts.

Reaching Rank 1000, there's a few ways to obtain XP including trying new cars, taking part in these official races and hanging out at car meets. That last part is crucial here, as it offers players an easy means of levelling up, leading to this unusual state of affairs.

Source: Kotaku