GTA Online: What Does a Mobile Operations Center Do?

GTA Online continues to strive as the open-world game for those that want to live their movie villain fantasies, letting you own various illegal businesses and even going full Bond bad guy at times, allowing them to invest in a Mobile Operations Center, or MOC for short.

Having access to the MOC is great since this lets GTA Online players wreak havoc in ways of the older GTA games, but a lot of players do get confused about what a MOC actually does in the game. Fear not, we’re right here to help you out.

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GTA Online: What Does a Mobile Operations Center Do?

A GTA Online MOC gives players access to several vehicles that can be customized with weapons, letting you get all Twisted Metal or Mad Max on the road, maybe even engaging other players if you want.

There are also a number of useful options the MOC in GTA Online does, and here are some of the functions players can use once they have it:

  • Request Mobile Operations Center
  • Get the mechanic to deliver the MOC (to the nearest point).
  • Return to StorageReturns the MOC to the Bunker.
  • Request Personal Vehicle
  • Get the mechanic to deliver the personal vehicle currently stored inside the MOC if the trailer is equipped with a Vehicle Storage Bay
  • Restrict player access to the Cab
  • Empty Cab
  • Eject other players from the Cab
  • Empty Trailer
  • Eject other players from the trailer
  • Set the radio station to be played in the trailer

In addition to all of those commands, you also get exclusive MOC missions to partake in, just like any other business venture in GTA Online.

Just make sure you’ve been saving up as GTA Online requires you to buy a Bunker before a Military Operations Center, both of which aren’t exactly cheap.

GTA Online, which comes with GTA 5, is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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