Is A GTA Mobile Operations Center Worth It?

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The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) in GTA Online is a valuable tool for several reasons.

This modular semi-trailer was featured in the Gunrunning update for GTA Online.

It can be pulled by either a Phantom Custom, Hauler Custom or any other semi-truck cab.

So what does it do and is it worth it?

Is The Mobile Operations Center Worth It?

Yes the Mobile Operations Center is totally worth it - here are all of the reasons why:

New Missions And Vehicle Discounts

Firstly, the Mobile Operations Center gives you access to missions and vehicle discounts.

Owning a MOC gives players access to 8 Missions in the MOC, namely:

  • Severe Weather Patterns
  • Half-track Bully
  • Exit Strategy
  • Offshore Assets
  • Cover Blown
  • Mole Hunt
  • Data Breach
  • Work Dispute
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Completing these missions will give players a discount on vehicles like the Dune FAV, the Half-track, weaponized Tampa, the original Oppressor and more.

Weapon Workshop

The MOC gives players a portable Weapon Workshop, which is great for upgrading weapons and restocking ammo on the go; particularly for special ammo such as explosive rounds.#

Rocket Resistance

The MOC is EXTREMELY strong, it's built like a tank. It is tied with the Avenger for the heaviest armoured vehicle in the game.

It can take up to 24 RPG rockets and 70 Buzzard rockets with max armour

Personal Vehicle Storage


It's great for transporting your personal vehicles around Los Santos - not to mention it will transport them safely.


You can also kit the MOC out with its own weapons!

The MOC has the option to equip Front and Rear Turrets for $210,00.

These are great for taking down enemies as well as low flying players when defending cargo.