GTA Online Update Review: Why You Need The Progen GP1 And Which Upgrades To Buy First

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The GTA Online weekly update is here – and while it’s not the most exciting of updates, there are a few decent things GTA fans can snap up.

First up – the podium vehicle, and this week it’s the Progen GP1 Super Car. With its McLaren F1 inspired lines, butterfly doors and roaring engine, it’s certainly a lot of fun, to drive.


To get the most out of it, head down to Los Santos Customs and add the active spoiler. The stock car doesn’t come with one as standard.

If you’re tight on budget, upgrade your armour as well as your brakes in the first instance, before buying the best exhaust you can afford in phase 2. For even more punch, add a turbo – but do not do this without upgrading brakes first, as the car will struggle at high speeds.

Below are all the upgrades along with prices, so you can pick and choose based on your budget!


  • No Armor$1,000
  • Armor Upgrade 20%$7,500
  • Armor Upgrade 40%$12,000
  • Armor Upgrade 60%$20,000
  • Armor Upgrade 80%$35,000
  • Armor Upgrade 100%$50,000


  • Stock Brakes$1,000
  • Street Brakes$20,000
  • Sport Brakes$27,000
  • Race Brakes$35,000

Bumpers (Front)

  • Stock Front Bumper$2,200 
  • Custom Bumper$4,600
  • Concept Bumper$7,400
  • Titled Bumper$11,700
  • Sport Bumper$14,500
  • Tuner Bumper$14,700
  • LM Bumper$14,900
  • Competition Bumper$15,100
  • Contest Bumper$15,300
  • GT Bumper$15,500

Bumpers (Rear)

  • Stock Rear Diffuser$2,200
  • Carbon Trim Diffuser$4,600
  • Striped Trim Diffuser$7,400

Engine Tuning

  • EMS Upgrade, Level 1$9,000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 2$12,500
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 3$18,000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 4$33,500
With the right upgrades, the GP1 can be absolutely stunning

Engine Covers

  • Stock Engine Cover$200
  • Carbon Trim$700
  • Custom Cover$1,150
  • Aggressive Vented Cover$1,600
  • LM Engine Cover$1,950
  • Vision Engine Cover$2,400
  • Slanted Engine Cover$2,500
  • Large Slatted Cover w/ Accents$2,850


  • Stock Exhaust$260
  • Dual Exit Exhaust$750
  • Twin Carbon Can$1,800
  • Quad LM Exhaust$3,000
  • Quad Carbon Accent Exhaust$9,550
  • Quad Carbon Accent Alt Exhaust$9,750
  • Twin Outmoded Exhaust$10,500
  • Carbon Covered Stub Exhausts$12,000
  • Twin Big Carbon Exhaust$13,750
  • Twin Big Carbon Alt Exhaust$14,625
  • Quad Offset Carbon Exhaust$15,500
  • Quad Offset Carbon Alt Exhaust$16,475
  • Quad Mid LM Exhaust Set$17,250
  • Quad Carbon Exhaust Set$18,125
  • Quad Carbon Alt Exhaust Set$19,100
  • Big Carbon Exhaust Set$19,975
  • Big Carbon Alt Exhaust Set$20,900
  • Quad Offset Exhaust Set$21,675
  • Quad Offset Alt Exhaust Set$22,550


  • Ignition Bomb$5,000
  • Remote Bomb$7,500

Hood Catches

  • None$200
  • Close Hoop Catches$750
  • Back Edge Hoop Catches$1,340
  • Front Edge Hoop Catches$1,650

Headlight Covers

  • Stock Headlight Cover$300
  • Primary Top Cover$900
  • Carbon Top Cover$1,500
  • Full Primary Cover$1,700
  • Full Secondary Cover$2,000
  • Full Carbon Cover$2,750


  • Stock Hood$1,600
  • Custom Hood$3,000
  • Carbon Hood$5,000
  • Scooped Hood$8,000
  • Carbon Scooped Hood$9,600
  • Custom Vented Hood$11,000
  • Slatted Vent Hood$11,600
  • LM Hood$12,000
  • Carbon LM Hood$12,400
  • Sport Hood$12,400
  • Performance Hood$12,500
  • Carbon Performance Hood$12,900
  • GT Hood$13,250


  • Stock Lights$600
  • Xenon Lights$7,500


  • Stock Mirrors$300
  • Carbon Trimmed Mirror$900
  • Alt Accented Carbon Mirror$1,500
  • Race Mirrors$1,700


  • Blue on White 1$200
  • Blue on White 2$200
  • Blue on White 3$200
  • Yellow on Blue$300
  • Yellow on Black$600

Rear Covers

  • Stock Rear Cover$700
  • Custom Cover$1,100
  • Multi Vented Cover$1,350
  • Deep Vented Cover$1,500
  • Glimpse Cover$2,750
  • Vision Cover$3,600
  • LM Aero Cover$4,900
  • LM Sneaker Cover$5,800
  • LM Cover$7,000
  • LM Glimpse Cover$8,000
  • LM Vision Cover$9,150


  • Stock Skirts$2,500
  • Street Skirts$5,500
  • Sport Skirts$8,000
  • Custom Skirts$10,500


  • Stock Spoiler$6,000
  • 10° Fixed Lift$7,050
  • 30° Fixed Lift$10,000
  • Carbon 30° Fixed Lift$13,000
  • Branch Spoiler$14,000
  • Low Level Spoiler$16,000
  • Tuner Spoiler$16,500
  • Two Tone Spoiler$17,000
  • LM Spoiler$17,500
  • GT Wing$18,000
  • LM Spoiler w/ 30° Lift$18,500
  • LM Spoiler w/ 30° Carbon Lift$19,000


  • Stock Transmission$1,000
  • Street Transmission$29,500
  • Sports Transmission$32,500
  • Race Transmission$40,000


  • None$5,000
  • Turbo Tuning$50,000


  • None$500
  • Light Smoke$1,500
  • Dark Smoke$3,500
  • Limo$5,000

Moving to the interior and the GP1 is pretty stunning. Unlike the McLaren, there’s no central driving position – but there are plenty of dials inside to make the whole thing an enjoyable ride in the first-person view.

The vehicle first arrived in the game back during the Cunning Stunts: Vehicle Circuit update on March 14, 2017 – so it’s unlikely to turn heads like it used to. Still, it costs $1,260,000 which is pretty hefty and is certainly a nice addition to any garage.

The Grotti is stunning, and comes at a discount this week.

There’s also a couple of vehicles on sale – the Western Rampart Rocket, down from $925,000 to $555,000 and the Nagasaki Shotaro – still pricy at $1,446,250 – down from a touch over $2m. The pick of the bunch is the Grotti X80 Proto – down from $2,700,000 to $1,755,00. Unlike the GP1, which resembles a lower-end hypercar, the Grotti is a full-fat speed machine. It’s not by chance, either. It was the first car in the series to be based on a concept car – namely the Ferrari F80 Concept. There’s an in-built spoiler, which also acts an airbrake while LED lights pair beautifully with its sharp lines to scream performance.