GTA Online: The Contract - How to Hack the Keypad

GTA Online The Contract. Imani is at her desk trying to hack into Dr.Dre's phone to find where it is.

GTA Online The Contract. Imani is at her desk trying to hack into Dr.Dre's phone to find where it is.

The Country club is the first mission for the High Society Leak as part of The Contract in GTA Online. When you begin to track down the second copy of Dre's phone, you will need to break into a surveillance room. Once you get past the cameras without being seen, you need to get past the security measures. We're going to show you how to hack the keypad.

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How to Hack the Keypad

Hacking the keypad is a small mini-game within the mission but you will need to focus. When you start to hack the keypad, your screen should look like this:

GTA Online The Contract hacking the keypad to the surveillance room.
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The sequence we had to find was

The red number sequence at the top of the screen is what you need to find in the mess of numbers below. The green numbers are the countdown timer, if this hits zero then security will be alerted. To successfully hack the keypad, you need to line up the red colour with the correct number sequence. You may need to move through the numbers a few times before you can line the correct ones up. Once you have found the numbers, press your action button and you will have hacked the keypad.

Get your weapons ready because you will face off against 4 guards when you enter the surveillance room.

The Contract DLC update for GTA Online brought in a set of brand new missions and you can take a look at all of them in our mission list. The update also brought some new weapons. We have guides on how to get the heavy rifle, how to get the stun gun and how to get the compact EMP launcher. All three weapons will become very useful as you work throughout The Contract.

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