GTA Online Players Discuss How They’d Spend Infinite GTA Dollars

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Some motorbikes in GTA Online.

Money allegedly makes the real world go round, and in GTA Online that saying definitely remains true.

This is why so many players dedicate days to grinding through heists and other jobs to be able to afford whatever car or property they’ve got their eye on and why others opt to spend their real money on shark cards.

However, a thread on the GTA Online Reddit page, posted by user lllooolllp, is asking players what they’d buy if money wasn’t an issue.

GTA Online Players Discuss Spending Infinite Money

So what would GTA players do with all of that green? Well, the answers might surprise you.

First of all, some users straight up admitted that they’d have nothing else to buy, with RocketScientific saying: “I already own everything worth owning and a lot that isn't worth owning” and Spooderman42069 adding: “I also have everything and the game gets boring. tbh the fun part is actually the grind getting a new car/place be it whatever your goal is and working for it is surprisingly really fun”.

For others, the choice of what to purchase was obvious, with user Tantoman47 snagging the top comment by declaring his love for motorised scooters: “idk maybe buy 100 faggios”.

Collecting lots of one particular vehicle turns out to be a popular pastime among GTA Online players, with user aDrunkSailor82 commenting: “I have a garage of upgraded go carts” and SavagePinecone adding: “my entire nightclub is filled with the news vans you find on the street”.

Some players were able to resist the urge to start hoarding, deciding instead that they’d take up griefing, with user LKincheloe saying: “Whole pile of Mk1s and piss people off who think it's got a cooldown” and u/ze_ex_21 adding: “I'd go full Oprah: You get an Orbital Strike!, you get an Orbital Strike!; Everybody get an Orbital Strike!”

Other answers were a bit more unusual, with the in-game soft drink Sprunk and GTA 6 being listed as ideal purchases, as well as one user saying: “I would dispurse it among the orphans.”

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