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GTA Online: How to sell a house or commercial property in Grand Theft Auto Online


GTA Online is the gift that keeps on giving, with near-constant updates landing seemingly each and every week.


With GTA 6 seemingly some way off, it's a good job that GTA Online allows you to live out your criminal fantasies – and with friends no less.

If you've splashed out on some expensive property and are having second thoughts, or are simply looking to buy something even more elaborate, you'll want to sell it. Here's how.

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How To Sell Property in GTA Online

The first consideration is whether you really want to sell your property. For many, it'll take a long time to earn the required cash to buy one.

In GTA Online, players can own six properties in total, but selling each is actually harder than you'd think. That's because you can't put a property straight on the market – you simply part-exchange for your next property.

That means your $1 million penthouse suite can't be sold, but you can put the cost of it towards a $2 million one, for example.

That's not to say you can't make some money. If you sell the same $1 million penthouse by exchanging it for a $500k apartment, you'll earn the difference as cash, giving your bank balance a boost!

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