GTA Online: How To Fly To Cayo Perico Glitch Fix

Flying to Cayo Perico should be a breeze, and a quick way to earn big bucks in GAT Online.

This is especially true for solo players who can’t easily explore the best aspects like Heists and other high-profit multiplayer jobs!

Though a bug has prevented some players from accessing this content!

We’re here to help you out with a quick little workaround that should help until Rockstar put out a patch.

Let’s get into it so you can finally fly to Cayo Perico!

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Fly To Cayo Perico

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Let's Heist! (Image: Rockstar)

Normally you’d have to just steal a smuggler plane and fly to the marked point and then enter a cutscene.

But for some players, this just won’t happen, they’ll fly right by it until GTA Online crashes their plane into the ocean as they’ve gone out of bounds.

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While the cause of the glitch is unknown, and it seemingly happens at random, there is an easy solution!

Fly with your wheels down.

Yes! As weird as it sounds if you reach the checkpoint with your wheels out the cutscene will play without fail.

Though if you forget, pop them out theme circle back and you should enter the cutscene!

Now you’ll be able to fly to Cayo Perico and start earning some big GTA$.

We hope this guide helped, be sure to checkout our other GTA Online Cayo Perico guides for everything we need to know!

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