GTA Online: Hidden Cars In GTA 5 Online

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The recently released Cayo Perico update will have no doubt kept players busy over the Christmas period, and beyond into the early months of the New Year.

While some of you may be checking our GTA Online for the first time, you will quickly realize there is a lot to take in.


There are countless missions and other activities you can partake in. 

Cars have always been a massive component of the GTA universe and GTA Online is no different. 

There an ample amount of vehicles you can buy in GTA Online, but some are kept a secret.

There are numerous cars that are hidden throughout the map and have various methods in obtaining them.


These are definitely worth the excursion to get, so we will take you through them all!

Here we go. 



All in all, players have been able to uncover a grand total of 27 hidden cars around the map.


These vary in rarity and how powerful they are, but it is worth noting that some of these are amazing cars. 

GREAT187 VIDEOS has posted the following YouTube video back in 2016 showcasing all of these hidden cars.

Check it out below for further reference! 



Be sure to let us know which cars you have found out of the hidden ones!