GTA Online just got bigger with Gerald's Last Play: new missions available for free NOW

GTA Online is the gift that keeps on giving, with near-constant updates landing seemingly each and every week.

With GTA 6 seemingly some way off, Rockstar has revealed another new set of missions centred on Gerald, titled Gerald's Last Play – and they're available now!

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Gerald is a drug dealer looking to get out of the game, and it's up to you to set him out for retirement via six new missions that'll see your created criminal face off against biker gangs, rival organisations, and search for narcotics hidden inside action figures.

If that all sounds like fun (and let's be honest, it really does), you'll want to hop in on Xbox One, PS4, or PC – you'll earn double money and RP, too. Each mission can be completed independently of the others, and each supports up to four-player co-op. 

Keep an eye on your in-game phone for Gerald to get in touch!

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